The Beauty Of Even A Baby Step To Betterment!

Jul 24, 2014 | Prosperity

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If there is one theme that emerges when looking back at the feng shui time I have spend with clients, and one single idea that echoes in my own life over and over again, it is that big, bold moves are what we think creates major change. 

In feng shui, the “bigger” the additions of fire and water elements are supposed to make the fastest and most vibrant change.  That said, my old friend who I just adore hired another feng shui expert long before I had even begun on the feng shui path. He was instructed to get giant horse troughs (have you seen them, they are like five feel wide and deeper than a lush bathtub) and fill them with water.  In the trough, he was to place a fountain apparatus to make the water move as if it were a bubbling stream.  These troughs were placed in certain areas of the home- two actually, giant ones.

I was curious.

As it tuns out, not moments after he set these fountains up did something to overload in his home electricity. Fire alarms went off. Foam fire repellant that was highly toxic shot from ducts in the ceiling, covering his furniture- and even him- in absolute wet mess.

My curiousity was satiated.

And I wish that didn’t have to happen for me to get a big lesson in creating change.

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You do not need to turn your life upside down or do radical things- most of the time- to have the big “ah-ha” moments you are looking for!

I am qualifying this with “most of the time” because if you live in a dangerous environment in a real way you do need to make a bold move to transform it or leave it.  Most of the time, its a series of small moves that are the things of greatness in switching your perspective.

I used to encounter people who ony wanted the boldest of moves. Cinematic moments. Giant and dramatic makeovers. 0-to-60 in one second.

Consider this: you need to actually expand on the inside as well as on the outside to make lasting changes.  You didn’t get the habits you have overnight. You repeated actions over and again to reinforce them, wiring your mind and body over and over to have them become real.  Adjusting to gradual shifts, you let yourself adapt to the changes, constantly re-wiring happiness and optimism and wellness with each change.

Recently, I hit a mad crazy wave of expansion. It was amazing. I was ready for it…. but it still knocked me sideways for a moment. I didn’t sleep, I felt very sped up and I was trying to make sense of all of it rather than flowing with it.  I had to take time to let my inside— my inner sense of what I could handle and how open I could be— catch up with the awesomeness of the outside.  Now I am ready for more!  If it happens in a sonic boom for you, too, you can catch up with yourself.  But… if you are looking to bring this phase shift to your life yourself, deliberately,  I strongly suggest you make small shifts.

These baby steps- a more beautiful coffee, a better walk in the morning, an extra yoga class, some meditation, new bedding, a new diet adjustment- all pile up quite quickly if you consistently embrace them.

What is a small lifestyle switch or little habit tweak you can make that will help you to feel better today?

Try it. Once you find one you like, try one more.  And then another. And another.

This is how I have my clients work on their spaces.  Some charge forward anyway and in the sonic boom of greatness that ensues, they call me saying that they are freaking out with so much change. I help them to see the enormity of making real, lasting changes. Then, they catch up. The gradual implementers may be less impressive at times to themselves with each switch even though they feel better (we all want the big “reveal” or the massive “wow” of greatness) … but over time they tell me they can’t believe, looking backward, all that has really changed.

Try a little thing you’ve always wanted to try. And another. And another.  If you can let these stack up, you will be amazed at the results in a little while!  xoxo Dana



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