Why I Hope You Can Steer Clear Of The Radical Woo Woo Feng Shui (& Bonus Bathroom Tips) !

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Today I received an email from a lovely woman who was introduced to some very superstitious feng shui. The title of the email was Seal Of Solomon which aroused lots of curiosity.

It is worth mentioning that I am certain that this feng shui practitioner was well-meaning. In fact, he may have thought he was doing a great service to this woman, and for others. But the diagnosis of a space and the suggestions that follow are a great big reason to trust yourself and good sense and all that connects you to your environment, and not the type of stuff that tells you you are doomed, that there is only one way to fix something or, worse, that you should use icons or a talisman to “repair” your home.

You are smarter than that.  You wouldn’t give away your power to fear-thinking.

Chances are, you’d email me… and this is what I would say….



The email of the day that I was welcomed to share (with permission)

“I recently attended a free lecture by a feng shui expert that came to visit my town who says there are two types of feng shui – land form (maybe form) school and compass school. He practices and teaches land form.  As an audience we were able to ask questions. I asked a question in relation to my downstairs bathroom. 
My bathroom has no windows, is off my kitchen, in the middle of my home. He said this is one of the worst problems as far as draining good chi in the home. He suggested I put a tiny mirror behind the toilet (inside the bathroom) and a tiny mirror outside the bathroom wall, facing the toilet. He also said I should hang a tiny wind chime above the inside of the bathroom door that will chime when the door opens and closes. He also said the most important thing I could do (besides closing the bathroom door at all times and keeping the toilet lid down at all times), was to hang a flat bagua mirror outside of the bathroom above the door. Okay… I told him (and he agreed) that the bagua mirror with all the symbols around it was tacky for my taste. He said if I didn’t like that, a Seal of Solomon mirror would be the only substitute. Do you concur with all of those suggestions, Dana?”


Here’s what we have so far…

Apparently all the good energy is draining from her house, she is told.

So, two mirrors in highly awkward places, a wind chime and another special mirror, perhaps a Seal Of Solomon mirror- most urgently- would repair this problem.

You know what I am going to say, don’t you?!

*It is true that a bathroom in the center of a home is challenging to its very structure.

*And bathrooms without windows lack… yes… fresh air circulating.

So to make this bathroom less of a challenge:

1. Keep your bathroom door closed when it isn’t in use (common sense).

2. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen have great circulation (fans can help, install ventilation if you must– this is a health concern!)

3. Add some Earth (stones, etc) to the room to help it feel more stable. And add plants that don’t need light to your bathroom — this lifts the actual measurable energy and oxygen in the room, and plants are proven to be healing.

4. Put a personal image of a landscape you love in the bathroom to create a window.

There are probably about 20 more things I could recommend that are specific to this woman, if I knew her and her space more intimately, but this does the trick.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater of all things to do with Classical feng shui.  Some of it was built on survival instincts rather than truly not-cool forms of magic.  However, the amount of reality you have to suspend to fix a fearful problem instilled by someone who is supposed to be an expert is something I do not find amusing.

Do not give away your power.

Do not believe in idle fear.

You create your reality. And with good sense and the sensible, the scientific, the artistic, the instincts you have, you can create an even more vibrant reality that makes total sense to you!  That is empowering.  That is life-changing design.  xoxo Dana


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