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Jul 29, 2014 | Creativity

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When you are in a bad place you know it.  When you are stuck, you feel it.  And when things get really heated emotionally, you can feel like you are in a feedback loop of ideas and snapshots of unpleasant moments in life that repeat over and over, begging for a solution.

You know what I mean: frustration, upset, agitation, tears… while none of these things are bad in themselves they are bad when you can’t find a way to take a step out of them.

Feeling dull, bored, gloomy or otherwise unwell is seductively comfortable sometimes.

After all, if you can’t find your way out of a situation, many ways to numb out (drugs, drama, drinking, work-a-holism, TV, video games, you name it) are all waiting to temporarily carry you away.

But, soon… you find yourself back in the same place of stagnation.

The utterly frustrating part of ignoring problems is that they never seem to go away.

I am a huge fan of running water… and for good reason. In the language of feng shui, running water circulates chi (life force) and animates your life with ideas, emotions, rejuvenation and constant fresh starts.

Today’s feng shui’d idea, though, is not about adding fountains to your home.  It is about freeing yourself from stagnation, feelings of being ill-at-ease or otherwise not feeling great.

This is feel-great feng shui you can do right now! 


The most dynamic way I have found to almost instantly start to free myself from a panic is to switch my perspective.

This is a choice that you can make.

In Buddhist philosophy, the life you are living is a result of your creation. To take it a step in an even more profound direction, your ability to have compassion is far greater that your ability to achieve things for yourself alone. In other words, there’s a whole lot to be gained from becoming the master of your own way of seeing the world. And there’s a whole lot to be said for greeting life – and everyone in it- with compassion.

Its a softer way to live. It is also a way to be much stronger.

We started out talking about running water because it is that energy of water in motion that gives you fresh emotional perspective.

Incidentally, I just put my crystals out in the sun to give them fresh life again, too.

We all need a shift from time to time. Especially when we feel drained or stuck.

You can do this for yourself at any time, without even being near water!

Rather than thinking “How can this be happening to me?” switch to “What is this trying to teach me?”

Instead of, “I am not getting what I want,” try, ” I am grateful for right now so that I can see all I can give to make things better.” 

Flip from Effect to Cause.

Move from being the Result to acting as the Creator of a new way.

This may seem very hard when you are really sad, exhausted or spun out emotionally. These tend to be the best times, in my experience, to do this with honesty.  Give it a try.

What are you feeling the stagnant effects of right now? Where are you not happy to be sitting? 

What can you learn from it? What can you give despite what you are getting? 

If you need extra reinforcement reach for water!  Drink a ton of water, take a shower (immersed in running water) or go for a swim or spend some time with a fountain (public parts count!) and then ask yourself the same questions.

When you get good at this, you start seeing the times of stuck as the biggest times to learn.  How can you be a victim if you are being taught such a valuable lesson that may just crack open your world in revolutionary ways?!  xoxo Dana



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