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Jul 29, 2014 | Uncategorized

self esteem quotes

If there is any one single truism that can save you lots of time in friendships, relationships and even jobs that are unhealthy it is the very incisive fact that people will always show you how they feel about you and what they are willing to give you.

Whether you are looking for a business mentor from your boss who doesn’t care to help anyone, a fantastic relationship from someone who tells you how un-ready they are for one, or a friendship from someone who is steeped in drama or turmoil, you know what you are signing up for if you forge ahead, anyway.

If you feel like you are running up against brick walls and doing a whole lot of giving to get very little in return, you may want to sit with this idea for a while and see if it helps you to feel stronger.

There are plenty of people who you can lift up who want to lift you up, too.  Even if you’ve never experienced it before, trust me, it does exist. And you can have it if you feel you deserve it!  xoxo Dana


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