Dreamy Spaces Shaped By Natural Light!

Jul 30, 2014 | Home Style

natural light decor


Unless you live in a windowless basement apartment (in which case you have a strong necessity to get some great full-spectrum, sun-shining light-bulbs), natural light is available to you in some quantity.  Some of you have more light than others.

Everyone can lighten up their lightest and brightest room, clearing space, adding plants and really capitalizing on the room-shaping power of natural illumination! 

natural light decor

(urban outfitters)

First of all, I am obsessed with Urban Outfitters decor.  Obsessed. As in, I am about to buy 10 things there this evening for my new place.  Urban Outfitters, if you are reading this, please call me because I have such a great idea to collaborate with you!

Now, to this room. Sure it’s a bit extreme for calm everyday bedroom feng shui, but what a guest bedroom this is, you know?!

natural light decor


When the outside comes inside there is nothing short of wow-factor!

natural light decor


Simplicity drenched in sunlight becomes a perfect retreat with high design.

natural light decor

The ultra-rejuvenating bathroom is simply flooded with natural light.

natural light decor


Can you see how light physically consumes the room and defines every single object in the space?

Pare down your sunniest rooms and let the light be it’s own magic-maker.

If you don’t have any sunshine where you are at the moment, for your own happiness and well-being, try waking up early for a while and having the best of your days be the lightest and brightest.

xoxo Dana


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  1. Mary

    One should never underestimate importance of natural light. Mirrors – so simple, but so great idea!


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