Adding That Special Something To A Space!

Jul 31, 2014 | Home Style

special spaces


Every room that succeeds in a big way to communicate your personality, wishes, hopes and dreams has a special something that is impossible to ignore.  Whether its that deliciously faded painting, a wild view of the world, a special chandelier or an antique rug, there is always a special thing or two or more that makes a space spring to lovely.

Today’s design’spiration is all about finding new ways to mix that special something into your home!

glass bottles


A subtle rainbow of collected beakers, vintage jugs and much more is a wall of curiosity, light and wonder.

bathroom tile


While this is no small feat to accomplish, this rose-patterned tile is astonishingly gorgeous!

wood headboard


How about a painted headboard? While this one may be too “pointed” a triangle to sleep under peacefully, you can easily paint your own tranquil pattern.

art wall


Loving the luscious, dripping, brilliant painting….!

creative art space


The garland really does wonders to sanctify this already-charming art space!

A great big design move need-not be a great big change.  Sometimes you’ll need to unearth your childhood toys and set up a Lite-Brite in your living room, dust off family photos and install a gallery wall, find shelves for your pottery collection or macrame holders for all your plants.  Whatever you do.. .make sure it really looks like YOU.  From that place, everything flows!  

xoxo Dana

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