Swimming In Spanish Style!

Jul 31, 2014 | Home Style

spanish interiors


Everything that hails from Spain that I see is immensely beautiful… from food to decor to poetry and film to people… Exceedingly warm, layered, animated, bold and yet balanced.  Since creativity is enhanced by looking at things that are distant (*yes, this is proven… read more about it here!) a little look into some of the best interiors in Spain seems like a fine way to expand some personal and artistic horizons! 

spanish interiors

(elle decor espana) 

I mean, can you get more clever in mixing textures and colors and patterns?!

spanish style

(AD Spain)

White and wood and a far away feeling of escapism.

spanish style

(AD Spain) 

Bold, impressive… I so wonder where the tree came from that became this inimitable table!

spanish style

(AD Spain)

Softness gets hyper-grounded with super pillows to let us admire a view that is life-changing.

spanish homes

(desire to inspire)

And for all the design and structure, things are lazy, afternoon-nap-quiet and totally sumptuous!

Spanish style… so brilliant!

xoxo Dana


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