5 Lifestyle Goodies To Make Days Magical!

Aug 2, 2014 | Creativity

gordon puppy

Gordon sure is a heartbreaker with those big brown saucer eyes and a smile on his face.

Waking up to see something you love or someone you love – or both, in the best cases- is my first lifestyle bit of greatness of the day. If you don’t have a Gordon to stare you down and wake you up in the morning, there’s likely some art, a view… even a great piece of music… that can get you out of bed smiling…!

And that’s the first of this week’s magical lifestyle ideas…

yoga cleanse

Unique ways to get your superfood fix. On the way to a reunion dinner for Revitalize, we found an ice cream cleanse (you are reading that right) that was a head turner. Apparently, Kippy’s on Lincoln in Venice, California makes some fabulous fresh coconut ice cream that, when eaten all day, becomes a “cleanse.”  Well worth trying that one!

baby birds

Surprises from Mother Nature. Baby birds built a nest in Boulder right outside a back window.  Look at these little guys all huddled, waiting for Momma Bird to come with worms and bugs to feed them.  Momma Bird is behind me as I took this, waiting with a full beak to take care of her babies.   It’s massively inspiring to see the nest she built for her babies- a solid piece of near-pottery in its solid nature, all made by beak 🙂

dyson animal vaccuum

Killer cleaning tools! And… this is a bit of space alchemy for all of you.  Especially those of you with animals.  The Dyson Animal is a must-have to get your home truly clean.  It is an absolute revolution. While my place was well-cleaned before the Animal arrived, three then four canisters of puppy hair that was littering my space quickly got sucked up.  Total magic!!!

gorgeous amethyst

Huge energy crystal bliss! That’s what this big Dana Magnet in Boulder is… totally energetic wow-factor. I can never get enough of it’s radiance. You can feel its prowess from four feet away!

Small things= Huge effects.  That’s what happens when you add a bit of sunshine, love and eyes-wide-open observation to your days.

xoxo Dana


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