An Easy Exercise To Help You Protect Yourself From Negativity!

Aug 4, 2014 | Creativity

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Have you ever had a day where you’re feeling fabulous, you run around expressing your exuberance to a few people in your neighborhood or your office or… the phone rings and then… suddenly… after a few minutes of talking… you feel less than great.

The negativity of a conversation can suck the life out of you if you are not aware.

Whether it is the well-meaning friend filled with fear or parents who don’t really understand your career (increasingly common these days!) or, just someone struggling with their own demons who can’t help but project them upon you…

None of these things are inherently bad. We’ve all been in a bad place.

What is bad, though, is letting this energy pull on you and drag you down.

Here’s a great symbolic exercise that can help you envision yourself in a peaceful and strong place where you can be happy no matter what energy comes at you! 

white light (I love Dot & Bo) 

White light is actually not white— it contains the vibrating energy of every color all at once.  If you hold a piece of cut crystal- like a bit of a chandelier- in front of white light you will see a rainbow emerge. The Prism of crystal “splits” the light into all of its component, hidden, colorful bits.

That in itself makes white light packed with mystery and a power to unfold that is colossal, you know? It holds colors inside of itself.  How beautiful is that?

White light- and white rooms and clear space, too- is considered very energetically rich for its potential energy and high vibrations, holding the waves of all the colors of the rainbow within its radiance.

Why does this matter?

Creating a symbolic “shield”  for yourself every day made of white light is a beautiful way to remind yourself that your life- and your personal boundaries- can be protected. You can’t hide from life and all its twists and turns, but you can empower yourself to roll through these obstacle courses without being drained and depleted.

If you find yourself getting your happiness and energy drained away, you may want to try your own version of this visualization:

You don’t need the light to be white, by the way. You can use whatever color feels good to you!

Lay down or sit down quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed.  Breathe deeply, into your stomach, out through your feet.  Envision yourself really rooted to the ground and feeling at ease.

Now see yourself surrounded in white light.  As you see the white light radiating around you, remind yourself of all the ways you can reinforce your happiness and strength.  See all the people and animals and creative projects you can nourish if you are strong and happy.

Let the white light cover you like armor.  Reach out an arm and watch the white light stretch to encompass your movements.  Bring the light close to your body. Breathe and envision it expanding out from your body, still surrounding you.

When you feel excited and comfortable, you are ready to go back to your day.

Mind you, I do not believe this is any form of magic. Its a great visual way to remind yourself that you are an electrical, energetic being with a purpose… and it is up to you to create a safe space to bring that purpose to the world.  When you can acknowledge the fact that your energy is precious, you won’t waste it on gossip, on fear, or mixed up in the complaints and worries of people who aren’t ready to protect and harness their own energy to bring good to the world quite yet.

While it seems like this could be a way to separate yourself from others, it is actually a great way to be able to have more intimate relationships and more profound compassion.  The more you can stand in your own greatness, the more you can share without fear.

Even if you don’t imagine yourself in white light, it is really incredible to realize how important it is to not let life treat you like a pinball machine!   Safe space— lots of sunshine, room to stretch and space to breathe– is such a blessing and so key for all of us who are blessed enough to have this space.  Use your energy for good, rather than letting it drain away, and you will find it’s much easier to make your personal dent in the Universe in the best ways possible.

And, it will be fun!

xoxoxo Dana

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    I love and appreciate this post in its entirety, as well as you. Thank you.


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