David Mramor’s Layers Of Life And Lovely Longing!

Aug 4, 2014 | Life With Art

david mramor, contemporary art

David Mramor paints and layers what I consider to be a worldview, an idea of how we see the world in gauzy film and bolting kicks of color.  There is a sense that this world we view is always one step ahead of us, leading us with its mystery.  This is the kind of art to get lost in, wandering though the haze, finding bliss in expanses of sunshine and intensity and rest in the dreamy fuzz between those moments. Absolutely gorgeous. 


david mramor, contemporary art


It’s as though we can piece together the story any way we wish.


david mramor, contemporary art

Dreamy doesn’t even begin to describe the effect.

david mramor, contemporary art

This reminds me of the matrix we look at life through… the grid of space we call the Internet and the Cloud, the ideas that have been superimposed over iconic people, the way that we can’t really see things for what they are unless we strip away the flimsy layers.

david mramor, contemporary art

Floating paint is searingly divine.

david mramor

Even intense color has a see-though streak of glory.

And each piece is more of a wonderland than the next.

You can get lost in so much more of David Mramor’s work HERE.  xoxo Dana



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