Great Big Art That Pulls A Room Into Power!

Aug 5, 2014 | Life With Art

big art on walls


A room that is focused on powerful art is filled with powerful energy.   If you deprive your walls of life, you miss out on one of the greatest opportunities to light up different areas of the feng shui bagua (more on this here) that correspond to different areas of your life.

Add big art= add mighty wow-factor.

That wow-factor will fill your life with incredible energy.

Art can literally make the simplest of spaces come to life! 

big art on walls, contemporary art at home


Great big green gorgeous creative field of vision.

big art on walls, contemporary art at home


Streaky, dreamy, light, easy and precious in its flecks of gold.

big art on walls, contemporary art at home


The cellular buzzing of a seemingly splitting colony of cells on the walls.

big art on walls, contemporary art at home


So bright, so fresh, so geometric… like sonic waves breathing on the walls.

big art on walls, contemporary art at home


This series of Warhol Queens was not widely received at first, but they really do their noble best to elevate a space in Pop-Royal style.

I am getting a big easy tapestry for my new  living room (its like a creative lab for me, this room) and while I have made a whole lot of the art on the walls (its addictive to live with your own work!), you can pick your ways to create a gallery at home by collecting art that gives you lots of energy while it lifts you up energetically.  This is a really gorgeous way to create power without using force!

xoxo Dana


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