Blushingly Beautiful Grounded Color Inspiration!

Aug 6, 2014 | Home Style



Color is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in my form of feng shui.  Color is elementally rich, emotionally deep, profoundly packed with memories and stirring in symbolism as well as actual waves of energy.

Lately, my exploration of color power has all to do with being grounded, present and mindfully powerful. Given the fact that we spend up to 95% of the day being spoken to by our subconscious in a very hypnotic way if we aren’t lucky enough to wake up fully, being mindfully present in life is at a premium.  When you are grounded, you can access your conscious mind and your creative thoughts more fully. You have a glow. You become cause over life.

Earth tones and neutrals are grounding.

Pinked-out neutrals are calming and centering all at once.

While uncommon to find in homes, it may be the best neutral color feng shui wise that there is to enrich your whole life!

Inspired by the brilliant Pinterest of a years-ago-friend turned super-designer Rebecca Minkoff’s color crush on blush (she’s always had the most exacting instinct for color!) , today we are getting blushingly beautiful.

blush pink sofa


How calm and collected, like rose gold, somewhat rare are warm.

let's retreat


These posters are a lit-from-within bit of neutral pinks.

blush pink


Even a bit of blush adds heart and soul to a simple space.  This is pinker than white but still so very right.

blush pink


This blushing rose lends itself to translucent glass…

pink blush home


And for walls, all shades of blush create a super-chill, not-too-girly repose.

Just a bit of what you can do with blush, a brilliant color to energize your bathroom, add meditative calm to a reading room or even bring a bedroom filled with fitful sleep to restful life.  Swim in more magical color!  xoxo Dana


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