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Aug 6, 2014 | Feng Shui 101


I just did a little bit of a haul’s worth of shopping at Urban Outfitters to finish several bits of my unfinished place. Yes, Urban Outfitters. It is the untapped land of boho accessories and little bits that really work in the context of a great big home. It’s been my secret for quite a while.  I thought I’d take a moment to share my haul of very affordable finishing home touches that you can easily swap around your house to change the energy. Also, before my big “home tour” reveal in September, I thought I’d share the ways I have learned to deal with challenges like pet hair and noisy neighbors!

Basically, I’m giving you a sneak-peek into my feng shui, in progress…

Starting with the rug above that will be making its way into my bedroom to tie together the golds, blues and light pinks that are everywhere in the room.

When you have a bunch of colors that may or may not “go” together, adding a multicolored something special can make the color play feel and look energizing rather than confusing. (I can not wait to show you the finished bedroom!  Making art for it this weekend!)

wall art

Another bit of multicolored magic: where you lack windows, add art with a vast yet orderly spectrum to bring “light” into the space.   The dog’s bedroom area doesn’t have a window, nor does it have a plug for great lighting.  So… pictures of both dogs are going up on the walls… with a spectrum of colorific art.

great coffee table

This coffee table was speaking my language. My living room has languished without a coffee table for way too long.  And my home is so packed with wood (floors, antiques) that it makes it feel stuffy and heavy. To lighten up your stuffy rooms, add glass and metal!  In this case, a very triangular coffee table adds lots of fire and lightness of being while finally organizing my living room!


There is art framed in white going up all over the house, but the living room needed something soft and ethereal to balance out the strong turquoise and orange sofas. I can not wait to see what this looks like on the wall, and to see the visual riff of the triangles in the coffee table and the tapestry together!  By the way, triangles add fire, so if a room feels stuffy or uninteresting, this will help!


I had a big bedroom challenge, and a dreamcatcher (along with art that I am making this week) will complete the design challenge of a bed that partially covers a window.  Yes: my bed is partially in front of a window. And it’s totally fine. More than fine, actually.  Wait ’till you see!!!

Now, that covers some little inspiring bits of home shaping-up.  All tolled, I spent less than $400 for all of this, and many things at Urban Outfitters that can have impact on your space are under $20!  So… browse all you want. They aren’t paying me to tell you this… but I know you all are always looking for options!

As for the feng shui lessons that are HUGE that I have learned so far:

1. Be willing to take responsibility for your whole nearby space.  Pick up litter in your driveway if you didn’t put it there. Sweep common areas. Wash things that your landlord is supposed to wash, but will not wash.  This will make your living space expand, and become more vibrant in the process.

2. A great vacuum cleaner can change your life. My Dyson Animal is the most air-transforming tool ever.  Even if I didn’t have the dogs, the amount of dust and dirt it gathers daily is astonishing!

3. Stock up on things like batteries for fire alarms, candles for blackouts and other supplies you don’t think you will need. you will need them at one point and you will never know when until it is too late!

4. The condition you store things in does matter a whole lot.  This means: you can’t just toss your storage boxes in a closet and call it a day. Even if you need to store them, you need to open, sort, de-clutter and then properly pack them and safely stack them. Yes, this is a whole lot of extra steps. It will change your life.

5. Take your time when making changes.  A simple thing like white lampshades changed my bedroom completely and changed the direction of the decor moving forward. If you buy things all at once, you may throw things off balance. This is not about perfect design, it is about designing your dreams. Everything can build progressively.  Built it without getting overwhelmed.

And on that note… off to work on my kitchen organization.  It’s a balance of putting in energy and doing actual designing that changes spaces!

That great big feng shui’d house tour is coming soon…!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Annie

    Hello Dana, I love your site it’s very informative.
    I started rearranging my room recently and I notice that I have a huge problem…

    I have TWO doors in my room!
    I have one main door (leads us to the front door of the house) and there is the second door (on the opposite side of the main door). It is a small room. No matter how I place my bed…one doors hits directly towards the bed. It’s been very frustrating and I can’t seem to find any information on how to solve this?? Is there hope?

    • danaclaudat

      put a japanese screen in front of your bed when you sleep… but techically you should only use one door and the other should stay closed to make the space more orderly. 🙂


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