14 Tips To Organize Your Closets In A Life-Changing Way!

Aug 8, 2014 | Prosperity

organize your closet


The visual bullet-points on this 10-great-tip infographic were so clear, I had to share it. In fact, I am implementing most of it tonight!

It is very seductive to let a closet fall into despair. After all, by shutting the door, the mess just vanishes.

But… that mess is not gone


  • You feel it as anxiety, stress, overwhelm or numbness.
  • Your self-esteem feels it every time you look for something to wear.
  • And your feng shui is affected by it, too!

You need awesome closets!!!  Maybe even more than you need brilliant decor!

closet organization

(lauren conrad)

My own closet is in the Helpful People area of the feng shui bagua map (*more on this HERE).  This means that if my closet fails to deliver order, so I fail to leave my life open to having enough compassion for others and having enough help flow into my own life.  It’s interesting that this particular closet is one of the final frontiers in organizing my new home given that I happen to have a problem asking for help. I’m amazing at helping… but not as good at asking.

I’m committed to making the shift in this way… hence, my major closet project of the evening!

Four more killer tips for amazing closets as I have observed from my friends who have worked with organizational gurus of Hollywood:

  • Huggable hangers make space for so much stuff to comfortably fit in a closet.
  • Color coordination and grouping clothes by how often they are worn.
  • Taking advantage of folding the things that can be folded rather than hanging awkward items in a closet (my jeans can no longer hang- they drive me nuts!)
  • Add enough light to your closet to make it appealing visually. (a new bulb may be in order!)

Where is your main closet in your own home? Is it exciting for you to enter it?  Is it reflecting a block in the flow of your life?

If you realize that your closets are a bit of a nightmare, this upgrade can be world-shifting!  xoxo Dana


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