Living With Loads Of Books!

Aug 8, 2014 | Home Style

book shelves at home


My book collection is something I prise, especially all the signed art books I have collected for years. As I sit and impatiently wait for a coffee table to load with some of my favorites of art – CVJ by Julian Schnabel, the Basquiat book released many years ago at the Venice Biennale, my fave Richard Meier- I am so inspired to share many ways to show off your own books and let them feed your life!

Your bookshelves are a reflection of your wise mind. Treat them well and your wisdom will flourish as you reach more and more toward your favorite volumes.

The design ‘spiration of the day is filled with many ways to load up books in your home without having them overwhelm your space.   Also.. you’ll see where books can unexpectedly, and awesomely, pop up!  

book shelves at home

(apartment therapy) 

Considering my dining room is really becoming my office, this is a big inspiration for me.

book shelves at home

(elle decor) 

I have a whole ton of books in my own kitchen. Its a wonderful place for nutrition, garden and of course cooking books  if you have the space!

book shelves at home


I do most of my reading in the bath, so this is ingenious to me.

(camille styles)

And,  oh how I love these library walls… and the piles of vintage vinyl records lining the floor!!!

Now… I return to my passion for Amazon book shopping!  This is one addiction I am happy to keep!  xoxo Dana


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