What A Little Self Love Can Do To Transform Your Life!

Aug 10, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

happy puppy

My little fur baby Bob had a spa day.

Look at him glowing!!!

He was massaged, washed in oatmeal, he had a paw pedicure and his ears buffed, and just about everything else a dog can do to feel wonderful.

Now, I want you to understand what happens on a typical day that Bob goes into a car. Its immediate teror, drooling, shaking and every form of panic that he can experience all wrapped up into one horrible trip every time we try to drive somewhere.

But… after his day of pampering, this is how we drove home!

This was the largest proof of energetic change that I could see from a lot of love and attention to amazing self-care.

I couldn’t “placebo effect” my dog, so its very much real and raw proof.

If you are dreading your days, not thrilled about what is in front of you, handling far more than you expected to have on your plate or otherwise find yourself in a space of overwhelm, your own day of self-love – even a habit for a morning of self love- can make a big energetic switch.

The more you can radiate wellbeing, the less that things can impinge upon you and make you feel bad.

It is so simple, but… if you think about it, in times of stress what is the first thing you start to lose time for?



Give yourself that time first, before you dive into your day, and you have far more peace and perspective.

You can… Get a massage before work or learn some self-relexology, try some restorative yoga, go get your hair cut, do a little DIY spa at home…or, even… turn your bathroom into a home spa with some dry brushing before a shower (how-to HERE), or a detox bath to restore your energy (more on this HERE).

You will be so excited to see what kind of a shift this makes in your day.

I made a little near-vintage You Tube on turning your bathroom into an energy field of spa greatness.

Enjoy taking the best care of yourself you ever have!  xoxo Dana


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