Your Clear Vision Creates Space For Everything!

Aug 10, 2014 | Creativity

create your world

(this & more gorgeous watercolor at striped cat studios on Etsy) 

My wish for you is that you aren’t haphazardly throwing around your energy to see what and who sticks.  My wish for you is to have really clear vision as to what you want and see yourself creating.  Basically… I wish for you to know all that you love and live with it.

You’ll never know the exact right steps.  You won’t even often know the right opportunities until they present themselves.  There may be a total question mark for a long time as to what you’ll be when you grow up, even if you are ostensibly a grown up.  None of the specifics really matter. It’s super high level confusion to think you need to know exactly what will happen…and to think you can prepare for it… yet more confusion.

So, why not have amazing vision? ! Sit with your vision for your life.  See it every day.  Fill in the blanks as you go. Edit when you need to edit.  And enjoy it fully.  It’s quite possible you are ahead of your time and no one will understand you at first… but keep filling in the blanks anyway.  Everyone’s time comes.  xoxo Dana


  1. Jeanne

    From personal experience, once you have clarity, everything falls into place!

  2. maggie

    I needed this today – I feel like my energy has been very scattered over the past month or so. Thanks for the inspiring words, as always!


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