Start Every Little Way Of Living Your Dream Life Right Now!

Aug 11, 2014 | Uncategorized

live your dreams

I once had a high school teacher who explained that if you want to drive a Ferrari when you grow up you should test drive Ferrari’s as soon as you have your licence to drive. Interesting concept to get a dealer to allow a 16-year-old to drive a Ferrari, but I understood the lesson (and that this teacher was ingesting way too much self help to stay in reality!)—

There is always a bit of your dreams you can be doing right now. 

If you envision a life that looks or feels a certain way, you can bring that to your life now.  If your life as a novelist is waiting for you, so is a cup of coffee and your notebook one hour earlier tomorrow than you usually wake up. If travelling the world is your passion, maybe that’s your cue to start taking day trips a few hours away from your home once a week.

There’s always something to do that builds on today toward the dreams of tomorrow.  There is never a reason to press the HOLD button down on life when you can be exploring. And you know… one day you will reach those dreams, and you need to have new dreams ready… so its worth starting now on the things you crave.

Fresh flowers every week…. a garden… an art studio… a business venture… investing… whatever it is, you can definitely do at least one thing today to sit in that dream and make it real. xoxo Dana


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