10 Ways To Know For Sure That It Is Time To Make A Big Change In Your Life!

Aug 12, 2014 | Prosperity


(the supermoon is a big harbinger of change!) 

I am all about small changes. Progessive steps. Organic growth.

But there are times when you wake up and know that its time for a real change.

Its like a seismic boom.

People around you may think you are crazy. You may not understand it yourself… but you know.

And if you fail to trust this feeling, you hand your power away.

Each time you do it – fail to listen to what you know- you become the effect of life instead of the cause of triumph.

There are ways to know you’re more than ready for a change.

You’re being shown that you need change.

You’re being shown that change is the only option.

Once you can trust what you know, life expands brilliantly and you might wonder why it took so long to make the decision.  That does matter. The important thing is that you did make the decision!

life change

(printable of this is right HERE) 

People come to me to make a change. Some wait until its a crisis of clutter and confusion, and some feel the nagging sense that something isn’t right. There are a handful of ways I have come to see the need for change manifest long before the sonic boom. I’ve seen it in my own life and I have seen it daily in my world.

Here are a handful of ways to know that it is time to make a change that is significant, whether you are supported or not in your decision.

Remember: no one really needs to support you but you!

10 Ways To Know Its Time For A Great Big Exciting Life Change

1. You don’t sleep. You know, there are thousands of Feng Shui sleep tips, holistic sleep remedies and even science to help you to sleep better. If holistic and medical intervention still don’t help you to sleep, you may want to look at the things that happened at the time you stopped sleeping.

Can you handle whatever has happened that is keeping your mind and body from restoring itself?

2. You have a health crisis. Welcome to my medical history. Life has taught me that when I don’t listen, don’t rest, don’t speak my mind and don’t move toward freedom, a health crisis is waiting for me. Over a month and a half in the hospital has taught me that nothing is more important than listening to the signs that there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed in life. I can look back to all the signs and all the symptoms of each health crisis and can see how I could have intervened… But, because I was not strong enough to advocate for myself in life I fell victim to sickness that took me out of life for long stretches of time. This does not need to be a part of your history.

3. You are frequently overwhelmed. Overwhelm is not a lifestyle, no matter how much we congratulate people who live in intense “busy-ness” as a lifestyle that echos “success.”  If everything on your plate is a necessity, amp up your self care so that you can discharge the overwhelm.

4. The world feels robotic. If everything is dull and routine, if you can’t see your way out of the unconscious patterns, it is time for a change. Being robotic is a short step away from being very stuck. Bring color to your life. Step out of the routine and tap into more meaningful passion.

5. You dream about vacation as a fixation. If your life is designed in a way that makes you fantasize about escape- and even escape that you are unwilling to give yourself- it is time for a very big change.

6. Arguments are everywhere around you. Anger can be the catalyst for revolutionary positive change, but not if it moves into your close personal relationships.

7. You are lying about your life. Telling people you care when you don’t is a warning sign that your life is a lie. Telling embellished stories about your life rather than the truth of it is a clear sign that you are not aligned with your purpose.

Staying in relationships, friendships, partnerships, jobs and any environment that you feel the need to lie about is the largest red flag ever.

Seeing things for what they are and being honest about them is the first step to big change. After all, if you couldn’t get a diagnosis from a doctor would you go into surgery to see what randomly could be wrong? That’s how lots of us have gone through life… randomly pulling threads to make changes rather than honestly facing the core of the problem.

8. It feels like a roller coaster. Up and then down, dramatic lives are nothing to be proud of since the pronounced highs and lows are nothing but stress. Don’t romanticize our drama culture. You know what feels bad to you, you know what’s drama and nonsense.  Avoid that stuff and reclaim your energy.

9. Anxiety is far too frequent. Anxiety is often confusing… but, if it is frequent, you know it is time for a change.

10. You talk about making a change non-stop but don’t make it. 

This is the big one: you know exactly what you have to quit, but you can’t. My sister would make my father cocktails at noon in Palm Springs and listen to him sip his vodka cranberry and say that he was done with drinking. He died with a .22 blood alcohol level, tragically. When you have big problems… when you can name them… know that there is help. Lots of it. Thousands of resources.

When your needed change is not as pronounced as a clear addiction that you recognize, you can still make the change.

Every time you wait and get “reasonable” and “complacent” about how things have been you press the pause button on your life.

But… that pause button doesn’t work. Life keeps going. The things you don’t want will pile up.  And, in the meantime, you are missing every opportunity to change it.

Take time to see where and how you have given yourself over to fear. We all do it. It’s that old adage, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” But that silly saying implies that no matter where you go you will be with a devil. And that isn’t true.

Know that you are never wrong when you are creating life that supports your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

Take the steps you know you need to make. For some, it’s a big change. For others, it’s a small switch and then another. Reach out and ask for help. Lots of help.

Clear the clutter in your life. Get organized.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore what you know.

You know so much.

And… I know you can do whatever you dream about doing.

I have seen it over and again.

Be your own advocate. Be your best friend.

Be an advocate for others, too.

Change isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding.

Let yourself have a life you love.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Rhonda

    I checked too many on this list. But it’s not as if I didn’t really know this inside. Hmmm…sounds like I’ve got not only some planning to do, but some action to take. As always, thank you Dana for providing what I need when I need it most. 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      Rhonda, I am so excited for you and so happy to hear this!!! xoxo

  2. samantha

    Hi Dana, i love reading your articles. I dont have many of these symptoms from what you have described in here, although, i am going through changes. I also feel a huge change is on the horizon. I have pushed through fear and gotten closer t allowing the change to flow, but I still feel unclear as to which direction to go in. I have an abundance of opportunities around me, so my problem is choosing a direction and focusing.

    • danaclaudat

      And that is an amazing problem to have!!! You may as well choose… you can always choose again if you don’t like what you picked! 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. chariss

    I have all these symptoms. Every single waking day of my life it feels like I’m a walking dead person. I have thoughts of suicide when my anxiety is really bad. I love my job and I work for the perfect boss every employee could ever asked for. But I feel like a stranger in my own world. I’ve been living in the US for 14 years and I still feel homesick all the time and it gets worst by the year. I wanna go back home and possibly seek a different career, my mind is in a fog and cant think of a perfect plan. I just feel trapped and hopeless

    • danaclaudat

      There is no perfect plan ever, but happiness is a premium. If you truly feel suicidal, please reach out for help to resources like doctors, therapists or this hotline: 1-800-273-8255. And be well. And life isn’t just about careers so if you’re happier at home, you can always go there! Be well!!! xoxoxo


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