Do It With All Your Heart!

Aug 13, 2014 | Creativity

do it with all your heart


(molly jacques)

The true test of whether or not you are doing the right things is how invested you are in what you are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, some jobs are a means to an end. And as such… you can find a way to fully appreciate them- and likely prosper in them- with a great focus on your purpose. That’s another way of being fully invested in everything you do.

I have had many many bizarre jobs.  I was actually one of the the first girls in the box at the Standard Hotel (one box girl  that came log after me wrote a book about it… here) , sitting like a piece of performance art  (this was what I coined and I’m glad the sentiment of performance art has carried on!) and reading books while guests watched… and then they watched me sleep!  And… I loved it so much I always found new things to do in the box- a sleep mask to wear, sparkly leg warmers to compliment my little white shorts and tank top, journals, new braids for my hair… and I was interviewed for press quite a bit as a result of my totally embracing this job that I never expected to have as an award-winning academic from Stanford who was new to Los Angeles… And that’s sort of the way life works, isn’t it?

So, embrace what you are doing with all you’ve got. If you just can’t find it in you, or you know you should be putting your energy in a new place, make that move.  Being engaged all day in your life is a gift we can all give to ourselves!  xoxo Dana


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