Fresh Ways To Cover Your Floors In Plants And Trees!

Aug 13, 2014 | Home Style


(desire to inspire)

Ever-present Nature will make your life better in so many ways. If you are looking for a jolt of freshness in your home to galvanize change and get yourself growing in ways that you have been stuck, fun ways to bejewel your floors with plants are your way of the day!   In Boulder, I have been staying at at house that is overflowing with many plants on the floors in bathrooms, hallways, livingrooms, all very lush and grounded, all invigorating and unexpected… very much my inspiration of the morning back at home in Los Angeles where my floors are about to get growing!!! 

tree on ground


So divine!!!  While this isn’t a classic “plant on the floor”, branches have a very long life span and they do “grow” if well-cared-for and given a great home in water and sunlight!

mother in law tongues

As far as I am concerned, these wonderous Mother In Law’s Tounge plants are total feng shui magic.  Be aware: these are toxic to both dogs and cats, so move on to safer plants (here’s a list from Apartment Therapy!) when you are shopping for a pet-loving home!

grow bags

(grow bags)

Growing your patio plantsm herbs or actual veggies and berries in grow bags is a unique, user-friendly, low-barrier-to-entry way to start growing a garden today!!!

indoor trees


A delicate tree in a delicate basket as opposed to a huge, monumental clay pot or the like, brings softness and light to a forgotten corner, activating the energy of the space in a subtle, indelible way.

Grow… and grow… and grow.  This Saturday morning’s trip to the Downtown LA Flower Mart to load up on succulents and african violets and houseplants just can’t come soon enough!!!   xoxo Dana



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