You Can Save Many Amazing Animal Lives!

Aug 13, 2014 | Pet-Shui

rescue dog

This little guy almost got killed at a shelter.  Apparently he tried to bite people… because he was dirty, traumatized and terrified.

He looked like this:

dog for adoption

My friend Beth and I started a crazy campaign of calls and emails and Facebook messages to the shelter. There were email chains, begging and pleading, no answers to phone calls…  All was to no avail— you have to be an animal rescue in order to take dogs out of a shelter with “temperment” issues.

So… we flipped out and called and emailed more. We messaged. Investigated.  Left our phone numbers on threads about saving him.

A miracle happened.

He was rescued by an official Animal Rescue and is up for adoption!!!

Five things to know that can save lots of dog and cat lives: 

1. Spay and neuter your animals.

2. Donate your time and donate money if you can to animal rescues that pull animals out of their untimely death in shelters that kill.  I hate to say it, but my view is that angry animals like this are a product of their neglectful, angry owners.  This little guy is perfectly fine now, within days, surrounded by love!

3. Follow social media that takes action to save these dogs and cats on “death row” for no reason. Share images.  You can help find homes for pets that need love as much as their prospective owners need them!  HERE is a good place to start!

4. Lobby against shelters that kill animals. The No-Kill Advocacy Center is a great organization! 

5.  Foster and adopt pets!!!!

And now… we need to track this guy down and see which one of us is adopting him if he hasn’t found a new home already!

We are all capable of saving lives. Commit to doing!!!  Its the greatest feeling in the world to be the cause rather than the effect!

xoxo Dana


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