Do You Think That People Can Read Your Mind?!

Aug 14, 2014 | Creativity


When something is magical, I tend to love it (!) so it’s no wonder that I fell into a spell of magical thinking.

Do you think people— and the universe at large– should be able to read your mind and respond to your wishes? 

Magical thinking here isn’t ” The Law Of Attraction” or “Think And Grow Rich” or “The Secret” but, that is a part of it! There’s definitely power in your thoughts, your intentions and your desires. If you can focus on amazing outcomes, you will likely have much more of them… and this has been tested and proven to be true more times than not.

But… you actually have to do and say things, too, to create your world in your own way… not just think! 



Magical thinking in the way I mean it here is a way that you may think that other people should just know to do certain things about you without you saying a word.

There’s the boss that just thinks you should know what he or she is thinking and when you fail to meet the expectation of their mind there is an explosion of anger….

Or the friend who believe you should have know how they were feeling because you should just have known they were feeling bad even though they didn’t say it or seem it…

Or me, believing that someone should just know what I want without me saying a word… This is a doozy of a belief.

If you are frequently disappointed by people, you may be a bit of a magical thinker in this way, too. If you are that boss, that friend or that person walking through life with burning intention that “should just happen” but doesn’t… you may be relying more on your fantasy than your action in reality to make life come to life.

I see the effects of magical thinking like his come crashing down on people in not-fun ways.

My own magical thinking started to get me into big trouble.  There’s nothing like treating people like they have disappointed you when they had no idea how or why or any intention to do so!

Have you done this?!

The really cool news is that when you can come out of the spell of magical thinking, not only will you be far less disappointed and living as the effect of life, you might just become a really powerful creator of your future.

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Ideas to snap out of the magical thinking spell that leads to nothing good…..! 

* If you are always disappointed in a particular situation, you may need to speak up instead of believing that other people can read your mind!

* If you are constantly feeling like you are being let down by friends, you might need to talk to them about the things they just don’t know about your expectations.

* In your home, clear away clutter that keeps you living in the past.  Bad memory furniture, broken things, memorabilia with sadness attached to it— lots of symbols of upset and disappointment can reinforce this magical fantasy thinking because reality is too full of painful memories alway in your face.

* Stick a Post-It or even a reminder on your phone daily to speak up for yourself.  This doesn’t imply that everything will go your way… but it does help you to exercise cause over things far more!

* THESE feng shui tips can also help you to follow your personal truth. This is a big deal. When I fail to speak up, I lose my voice, physically!

For my own self, my magical thinking in this way- believing people should read my mind- was a form of self-sabotage. Nothing spirals faster than your own mind when you are hurt and upset!  I had to quit it years ago, because at a certain point I just couldn’t afford to shut people out of my life any longer.

Are you there, now? Are you ready to connect and create more?

If you have this magical thought process, undoing it is like switching the joy back on in your life.

And if you are upset and thinking right now that someone should just know what you are thinking,  go find them and let them know!   You’ll both be so much happier for it!  xoxo Dana



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