Vintage Oil Paintings As The Shining Stars Of Amazing Spaces!

Aug 15, 2014 | Life With Art

oil paintings at home


Gorgeous oils… monumental landscapes, impressive portraits, tablescapes, florals… I am always a fan of incredible art, but these particularly vintage paintings really strike a chord of “home” with me.  My Nana’s house was full of somewhat creepy, giant oil paintings that left an impression on me, along with her dusty violet  bunches of acrylic grapes and way too many metal-laced glass candy bowls (is that possible, too much candy?) that strangely feel like home to me, still, to this day.

Big oils bring an enduring history to spaces, creating a past/present juxtaposition that is totally exciting and stylishly memorable.   This is inspiration that will have you shopping the local flea markets this week for your own walls!  

bath oil painting

(elle decor) 

Soho perfection. These are the kind of memories of New York that endure.

oil paintings at home

(caitlin wilson) 

Sweet and bright and charming, this painting is like a window!

dark oil painting


When I can see layers of paint I get excited for creation…!

oil painting


While this portrait isn’t quite vintage, it is vintage-flavored.

oil painting at home


Super-simple yet so interesting to layer lots of vintage finds, framed and unframed. I use a bit of museum wax to keep these from falling!

Art on canvas: so traditional and so uncommon as of late.  Bring more of the vintage and the future-forward to your space and you will be living layers of life at once!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Jeanne

    I love the chalkboard in the last photo. And, the display of the vintage prints is eclectic, but not quirky! Just gorgeous! I want to try something similar in my dining room 🙂


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