Five Feng Shui Ways To Refresh Your Life!

Aug 16, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

bright flowers

Sometimes you need a fresh start. I think of it as hitting a “Reset” button on life. This weeks five feng shui’d ways to hit that reset button start in Downtown LA with Alexis Hyde, art guru and the mind behind Hyde Or Die, running through roses and sifting through succulents… and from there, all the possibilities to reset yourself flow!

bright flowers

Get lost in a local excursion at an odd time! Whether you can take yourself to the top of a local mountain, see the beach at sunrise, walk in the woods or visit your favorite city landmark (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s), visiting a place that resets your soul is always best, I find, when it is at a time that no one else is there! I used to sit in the Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford after midnight, almost feeling the near-creepy sculptures come to life around me. I often trek to my Buddhist temple at 6:00am before the throngs of people head out in West Hollywood. Alone time with a special place becomes somewhat intimate and sacred.


Succulents. I had an old habit visiting the Downtown LA flower mart before starting days to gather up bouquets of glowing flowers for a few dollars. Today, for less than $60.00 my patio is literally overwhelmed with succulents. The glory I find in them is their deft originality. No two are alike, and all feel so prehistoric! And that is a great reset for my own space in every way.  (*More about succulents and feng shui, right HERE)

rubic cube

Challenge your brain in a fun way. Want to stop stressing out? Try Sudoku, logic problems, brain gym exercises or even an old school challenge like a Rubik’s cube!

diy scrub


Make a big body scrub!!!  It doesn’t get easier than a handful of sugar, a bit of honey, some olive oil and even aromatherapy to be fancy/luscious about it! Scrub for longer than you think you need and you will reset your skin, get your circulation flowing and very much empower your shower! It’s amazing to do during full & new moon times to symbolically “start fresh”, too!


And yes… Flowerbomb your home!  If you want instant re-decorating, re-energizing and total magic energy, reach for buckets of flowers. More and more flowers than you think you need can turn a bad week into the week that you learned many lessons and committed to a newer, wiser way of moving forward!


You can do it whenever you need to… and you don’t need to justify it to anyone, ever. Give yourself power, sensory greatness and the luxury of connection to everything that makes you light up with excitement! These are the best investments you can ever make.

& if you need some next-level mood resetting, detox the negativity from our life!

De-clutter the bad memories and negative thoughts.

If there’s one thing that can tank the present, it’s the intrusive traumas, worries, hurts and disappointments of the past that haven’t been purged, but, rather, have morphed into negative beliefs, rumination and all kinds of cycles of thinking that don’t support your best you. All of that certainly tanked great love in my life, and it took a long time to see it clearly. Coming face to face with all this negative mind clutter set me on a path to purging more, creating more easy flow in life…

It can be as simple as reminding yourself all day to stay light.

It can be as involved as therapy or healing modalities that support your wellbeing at its core.

It can take a day or a year.

For as much as it will cost in time, energy and investment, it will come back to you in every way, multiplied…!

Rejuvenate. Re-start. Re-fresh.

xoxo Dana

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  1. ken

    All the element for your happiness are already here. There is no need to run, strive, search, or struggle….Nature…Just be you. Thanks Dana! Tons of Love!


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