Being Interested Is The Way To Be Magnetic!

Aug 17, 2014 | Prosperity

Feng Shui To Become More Magnetic!


So many people come to Hollywood trying to flaunt how interesting they are as a means to getting acceptance in a world of low-attention-span, flashy personalities.  The most powerful people I know here are neither flashy nor flaunting.  The ost magnetic of my friends are truly interested in all of life.  Curious.  Asking. Deeply wanting to know more, to know people better, to make a real connection rather than a social media friend or someone to call upon for favors or brag about knowing.

Interested rather than interesting.

Curious rather than an item of curiousity.

A few months ago I made this video one dewey, early summer morning in Boulder.  Its all about getting more of what you want in life, all the feel-good stuff we all crave. If you’ve been trying to attract more attention to yourself or to your career or life in any way, it may spark a great shift toward fulfilling your desires!

Have a gorgeous day! xoxo Dana


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