The Swirling Pastel Transcendence Created By Michelle Blade!

Aug 18, 2014 | Life With Art

michelle blade

Art that lifts life to a different plane… that is noteworthy, valuable, promising and riveting.  That is the stuff I want to share with you endlessly, and today’s art ‘spiration is rainbow washes of balance, hope, humor and a need to transcend.  I love Michelle Blade’s art, and I hope you love it, too.

michelle blade


“There is a quote by Friedrich Nietzche that says “We have art in order not to die of the truth.” I like the sentiment; it reminds me that creating the truth of my existence is up to me. And that’s exactly what I’m doing and why I am an artist. I paint to make sense of the world and to simultaneously make the world my own.” ~ Michelle Blade 

michelle blade

Ribbon maybe tells the most honest truth about the strings of memory we soar through and the way that life falls in and out of focus as things move.

michelle blade


Of course, to paint a book is to paint its sentiment. To paint it in watercolor is to let its sentiment sort of seep through.  In so many ways this is poetically thrilling, soft and loud at once.

michelle blade

Her wishing well intrigues me.

michelle blade

Stunning, no?

michelle blade


And funny, in an “apocalyptic” series. Very funny.

The value in art as a conduit for change is immeasurable. make it. Live with it. Let it penetrate all you think you know and let it help you to become far more conscious of what you never realized before. xoxo Dana



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