Homes Washed In Watercolors (& Some Tips To Make Your Own Watercolor Artistry)!

Aug 19, 2014 | Home Style

watercolor inspiration


One of the last pieces of my home feng shui & design to finish is the very very vital bedroom wall art.

Of course, in this situation I feel the need to make it myself (and yes, I will chronicle it, even though I am a total beginner!), and I am really ready to have it up on the wall. What hangs over your bed as you sleep represents the interior theme of your mind.  That is, at the very least, my philosophy that holds true in every home I visit! (*more on this here, its a big topic) 

I am insisting  on watercolors over my own bed for my own fixated creative reasons, and it has sparked a great-big watercolor home round-up of the day…!

Get ready to swim in transparent color lusciousness!



Because watercolors are transparent, layer-able and lit from within, they add dimension and complexity to a space without heaviness.  So, if you are a person with intense, profound emotional depth, watercolor can be the counterpoint to your intensity!

watercolor how to

(via the alison show)

I have leaned so much about watercolor mediums from the Internet, and The Alison Show in particular. THIS tutorial is getting me excited to mix up colors.  The great news about watercolor is that it can be done anywhere and it is far less toxic than your typical oils or other paints.

make your own watercolors


And… if you are up for a really full-scale experience, THIS tutorial on mixing up non-toxic watercolor paint will set you on the really intense color-mixing trail!  (I think I may try this! But… not for my bedroom, for the dog’s bedroom :))

watercolor walls

(rikki snyder)

Of course, with some skill I could attempt to splash out a whole wall. These walls are surreal!

watercolor walls

(black crow studios) 

And… Black Crow Studios comes to the rescue if you want to wallpaper even just a piece of watercolor in your home.


They even have great prints on canvas you can start with today if you aren’t ready to put brush to paper quite yet…!

And with that, I am running off to the art supply store!  xoxo Dana


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