Relax And See What Happens!

Aug 19, 2014 | Uncategorized

let go and see what happens

(the fresh exchange) 

When it is not your time to make a move— when you submit the proposal, sent the email, said your peace, did your part, passed on the torch or just realized that you are utterly unable to control the will of others— it is time to let go, dontcha think?

Letting go makes space for great outcomes.

It’s when you obsess that things go awry.

Don’t waste your time in hypothesis.  Don’t waste it on wish-craft (you know, when you sit around wishing all day rather than living?) either. And you might want to save the money you were going to give a psychic.

Sit in the unknown for a while.  Make space. See what happens.  Mastering this feeling of “letting go” lets you  live a way cooler life without frantic worry.  Its a cool one to get used to 🙂   xoxo Dana


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