Elevating Your Plants To An Art Form!

Aug 20, 2014 | Home Style


(Ike Edeani)

I am ever on the hunt for ways to change space, and one of my favorite space shift is the houseplant.  Or tree. Or forest full of them!

My patio is presently an un-planted sea of tiny succulents waiting to fit in one big pot.  That is an easier fix than the whole greenhouse window of succulents in my kitchen that are ready for some fancy, more attended-to pots as well.  The theme of the present moment in my house is that things have outgrown their containers and need new pots.

I feel the same way about most of my life right now- surprise-surprise!- and as the boundaries stretch and I plant myself in a new “pot” of my own, my plants are ready to be center stage, growing with me!

This is important.  A few feng shui notes on plants: they are alive. As such, they should be respected and cared for properly.  Caring for your plants is an extension of caring for yourself.  Typically I see dying plants in homes where people also have neglected to schedule enough time for themselves, so watch your plant heath and I bet it will give you a self-esteem & self-love boost as well.

Now for the plant ‘spiration!



A great reason to frequent the truly local flea market: fabulous finds to use as pots.

boho plants

(free people)

What a vibrant way to demonstrate the way that plants can elevate a corner that is otherwise sagging with energy (and here, it’s the relationship area of the room that is in lusciousness!)

plant cart

(harper’s bazaar)

Crazy awesome bar cart plant wonder on wheels. I love this portable idea, to wheel ’em around and get them more or less light, to feature them in a room or roll them away from a high-traffic day.

plant wall


Every single office space should look like this!

plants at home


And you can really showcase minimalism with simple, juicy, lovely plants. Here, a simple shelf becomes a living jewelry box.


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