The Thrilling Color Universes Painted By Kristine Moran!

Aug 21, 2014 | Life With Art

kristine moran


Kristine Moran  paints color and universes of building ideas masterfully.

I see her work and I feel taller, smile brighter, and my eyes open to take everything in on one giant expanse of canvas.

This is art magic.  And I am thrilled to share some of my voluminous,rich, deep, passionate favorites with you today. It’s art in my most favorite way… all expression, all very big expression! 

kiristine moran contemporary painting

(kristine’s tumblr)

My most favorite spaces are artist studios, having feng shui’d many of ’em and practically lived in others.   There is this sense of wonder, how the buckets of paint translate into such dreamy art on the walls.

kiristine moran contemporary painting


Architecturally wow-factored.

kiristine moran contemporary painting


These colors are indelible, so lit from within, so shockingly harmonious…

kiristine moran contemporary painting


Its simple geometry, but something far more than that.

kiristine moran contemporary painting


Dark and light, all optimism, soft meeting hard and a melting that is luscious.

You can see more of Kristine Moran’s work HERE.   This is what I want on my walls this year: its like deep love, building enterprise and creative outpouring all loaded into planes of gorgeousness !

xoxo Dana


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