Feng Shui To Move From Victim To Victor!

Aug 22, 2014 | Prosperity

you are not a victim

(melanie koulouris: this is an awesome quote!!!)

This quote from Melanie Koulouris pretty much says it all where being a victim is concerned, doesn’t it?

You are either powerful for surviving or you are the effect of your circumstances.

While a lot of us have that awareness, putting that into practice is another thing.

Here’s a little feng shui for your home & life  that can help you to transform the victim stories that are holding you back in your daily life! 

elle decor

(elle decor espana– my favorite powerful spaces!!!)

Feng Shui To Move From Victim To Victor!

Finish all the unfinished projects in your house.  

The obvious ones are the ones that are glaring, like the holes in your walls or a broken faucet, etc.  The less obvious are your voluntary projects that have piled up, unfinished.

If you are surrounded by unfinished projects, something toxic is happening in your life.  That’s a truism I live by, and it has never failed to be true.  I, myself, see the barrage of unfinished projects pile up in my life when I have fallen “victim” somewhere in my life.

My own projects don’t get finished: The art isn’t hung. The files aren’t re-done.  The upholstery fabric lingers.

None of it is positive.

Take control back by finishing your unfinished business for your environment!

Finish the unfinished business in your life, specifically where you feel like a victim.  

Write a letter to someone who made you feel terrible, even if you don’t ever send it, or can’t send it for any reason. Talk to the people you can talk to, and do it now.  Don’t let these things linger.  They are like a trash dump in your life.

Act in ways you are proud of…!

Calm and confident adults can be present and understanding… Victims react to things, and not only just to the things in front of them, in hyper-emotionalism.  Its one thing to get upset… its another to fly off the handle and tell someone off that made a mistake.  Your emotional responses are a good litmus test… If you are too reactive you may be a victim in some way that you could definitely stand to unload!

Finish your projects with immense pride in your accomplishments, doing the best job you can.

Advocate for yourself like an adult- not like a spoiled child-  at your shitty job that makes you feel miserable and take steps to leave in a way you are proud of, consistent steps until you are gone to a much better life.

Make sound decisions based on compassion where your less-than-healthy relationships are concerned.  Recognize that you may be better off to be without that tie if it is really toxic.  Mend what you can.

The more awake you can be, and the more honestly you can look at your own self and your own space, the more you will be able to flip any situation and habit that holds you back.

These are just a few ideas to get you started in the conquest of your own places of self-defeat.  We’re all imperfect, and we’ve all had bad times.  That doesn’t mean it is ever OK to let that define you in any way.  You have too many valuable gifts to bring to the world.

xoxo Dana


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  1. Jeanne

    You’re a mind reader! I have so many little projects I need to finish before life gets back into the swing of things. I needed this push. They have to get out of my head and into my home. Thanks a bunch 🙂 P.S. I love this outdoor space. Energy and style galore!!!

  2. Rebecca

    I am so glad you have this platform and use your voice to share lessons of compassion, creativity, art and all other forms of self expression. We can all do better to love ourselves more and to learn how to express ourselves in productive and creative ways that are true to ourselves and our talents and that the world is a better place for having me in it as long as I don’t waste it mired in self-loathing and negativity. I tell my friends and people I meet about your blog and have forwarded it along to some of them because I think it is so relevant to all of our lives.
    I love the images you choose and take and share. They are bright and emotive and always leave me happier for having seen them.
    So, thanks for all of your sharing. It’s inspiring and I hope to have one myself one day soon that has the same effect on others the way you have for me. (In my own special magical way and voice, of course 😉
    So, thank you, and I look forward to more of your findings, musings and sparkling, magical treasures!!

  3. Victoria

    Dana, thank you and blessings to you!



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