Align Your Energy To Change Your Life!

Aug 23, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

Align Your Energy To Change Your Life!

Energy is everything.

I can count at least 40 times that I have found myself at the acupuncturist only to realize that with one needle flying into my arm or some other part of my body that the malaise I was feeling was attached to an emotion left unhandled, or a ball of energy collected in my system.

According to Donna Eden, the author of Energy Medicine, we have at least nine energy systems that can be identified that keep our really incredible ecosystem known as a body running in a symphony of motion and function.  If you think of all the thoughts, the repairs, the creation and the transactions happening in every cell right at this second, it is completely astonishing!

Accupuncture, reflexology, massage, reiki, cranio-scaral work, Rolfing… all are increasingly well-known forms of energy alignment for the body.  Feng shui is one form of energy work that less people know because it’s one step removed from the body, aligning the energy of the envronment.

Walk into a room where someone just had an argument and you can feel it in the air, you know?  That tension you feel is chi— the dynamic life force that we experience through our senses— that has gone awry due to emotion going into a tailspin.  That is a similar tension that is echoed in our environment when our lives are off-kilter.

Show me a messy person and I promise you in some way that their actions are contrary to their truth in life.

If your space can amplify the best of your energy  in your home- and even welcome in fresh energy- you will feel it echo through your life.

I am not a doctor, a healer or a guru.  I do know, however, that my own life can go sideways if I neglect my own energy and live in contradiction to my truth. I have seen the same with hundreds of others over the years.  Once you start aligning your life with your truth, and then your space to match your intentions in a feng shui way, what seems like magic happens!

Energy, I might add, is the stuff that creates money, love, power, art and everything in the entire universe including our bodies.

Today, I have three questions for you that may help you to kick-start your own self-alignment. From there, life unfolds beautifully!


What do you wish for vs. what you actually do?

11:11. Its an hour twice a day to make wishes. At least for me it is, somewhat culturally superstitiously, a time to make wishes.

And when the wishes I am making seem very far fetched, I know I am far out of whack with my own truth.

If you are wishing for true love and staying in a very abusive relationship, your wish may seem pretty fantastical. If you are dreaming about your own business but spend all your free time partying, I think you are missing the plot somewhere.

Look  at what you wish for and line it up with what you actually are creating in your life in your actions, words and thoughts.  If they aren’t in harmony, you know you have some shifts to make to get it all straight!


Do you take care to cultivate things that are precious to you?

A life of balanced greatness involves your whole self- including your emotions and your inner well-being- rather than just the things you can see on the surface more simply like eating well and exercising. We all know when we had a day of eating junk food, but not many of us are aware until its seeimingly too late and we are in a ball of tears if we are culitvating our talents, protecting our creative genius and giving enough love to our lives.

Orchids are really hard to cultivate for most people.  There were times in the past that I felt that gorgeous orchids that I love were too delicate and might die from my lack of attentiveness.

If you can cultivate delicate things— really attend to what is important in your life in a full and rich and caring way— chances are you are in alignment.  You have enough of a sense of your own energetic being to know how to share it with your world and treat it awesomely.

But no one is perfect!  And life throws us highly imperfect situations.

In my orchid-sparing days when I just could barely care for myself, the lack of alignment was very clear! But sometimes, you just find yourself in overwhelm that comes in moments of crisis or and unusual occurence of too many things at once.

You may need to drop over-committed days, free yourself of toxic environments or re-design your lifestyle so that you can truly feel this ability to cultivate a life you are proud of living.  You may have ideas as to how you can switch things up for yourself to move into much more love and much less burden.

And the big one:

How well do you take care of yourself?

Forever this will be my big question.  The degree to which you care for yourself is the degree that you are in that awesome place of energetic alignment.

I can’t tell you the number of stiff necks, frozen shoulders and times I lost my voice from not taking care of myself well enough in an energetic sense.

Eat well, sleep well, move around a lot — but also take care to mind your feelings.  Take care of your insticutal desires.  Take breaks when you need them.  Give yourself creative outlets so the energy doesn’t build-up, unexpressed, in your body as regret, illness or any other kind of block.

In this somewhat holographic picture of life as an energy vortex, you have so much freedom to make beautiful things happen.  While it may seem far-flung to think of life as all a series of dancing particles, it is that buzzing energy that is creating the experience right now of you sitting down and reading this!

Do you feel like you are in alignment in your own life ?  Its a very personal conversation, but if you want to share any of your feelings or thoughts in the Comments below, or any ways you found your way into your own alignment, this is the stuff that is life-changing and totally welcomed and helpful to many!!!

Now… off I go to work on Energy Medicine!

…and wow there’s Energy Medicine For Women that’s epic as well. My whole body and mind transform with this stuff!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Jeanne

    I feel like I’m in algnment. And when I sincerely feel I’m on the right path, the choices “feel like they fit” and “make sense”. Its obvious! I do these things because in my gut, it’s who I am. I had to learn to not let people take advantage of me (I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve) but to do things within reason to allow myself to mantain good energy for my own life and others close to me. You are so right Dana!!! Instinct is key. Knowing when to say, yes, no thank you, and “of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” 🙂

  2. Lisa

    Thank you for another great post. What would we do without you? xxx



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