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Aug 23, 2014 | Creativity

dana claudat

I just put on these giant new black glasses and strolled down Westwood Boulevard  today feeling a sort of awesome wave of smartness.  I don’t lean too much upon stereotypes, but big black glasses and a bun are a good start to this new phase that is dawning in my own creative process, a process that is all about you.

I’ve gotten loads of questions from many you as feng shui is becoming far more popular (could it be the new yoga?!) and lots of you want to encorporate it into your business, make it a business or to find jobs where you are more self-expressed.

So, today, a few feng shui’d thoughts about getting smarter  and evolving seem to be in order no matter what your dreams are or where you are in your process!


Buckets of flowers are raw material for creating big bouquets.  You are full of so many buckets of flowers… and any way I can help you bring them into your life is my mission.

No one is a guru, contrary to their self-professed titles.  Anyone who claims to know everything, in my experience, is very dangerous and a charlatan, or at the very least, knows very little.  Given that big caveat, here’s what I can share on getting smarter and evolving in artful ways…!

First of all: You all are my best teachers.  In feng shui, your space is a mirror of your life.

The people you are in service to in your life seem to be the people who have the most to teach. Every client makes me so very aware of everything I don’t know and where I need to stretch to pull together the right solutions for them. Every one of you who comment, email, call, text, instagram and even snail mail me things has shown me facts, told me stories and pointed me in directions that have been world-shifting.

Chances are you’ve learned your own process as you go through it if you are doing what you love, and you will definitely find your process if you do muck more of what you love every day.  Its simple, but its the only thing I have seen actually work!

Also….I don’t know if anyone is 100% smart in business or in life.  I have no idea how to run a business according to business plans and charts and any standards, contrary to the fact that I am seemingly succeeding.  I start each day with no idea what will come, and I respond to things and to people the way that I would want them to respond to me. I also respond to 99% of my emails, even if they are seemingly junk mail.

Even if you know all the best practices, reality requires you to innovate on them, you know?

My only fail-safe life-smartness comes from this feng shui practice:

Have clear vision.

Your confidence will likely become monumental when you have a clear vision of what you are creating for yourself in your life. I think that’s why these glasses made me feel smarter. My vision instantly became so much physically clearer.

If you can’t pinpoint what your vision is for any part of your life :  clean your windows, sweep your home, wash your car… then sit down and dream for a while.  The ocean is particularly good for this creative renewal. Trees are good. Drinking water is great. Even playing with a box of crayons and a few sheets of paper can help you shake loose the murky parts of your personal dreamscape.

Once you have clear vision, you can fill in the blanks with the help you need and the ideas you are searching for to bring this vision to life.

You might want to avoid taking advice from people who haven’t done anything close to what you are doing. Its fascinating when people with no experience at all in anything I do have so much to tell me about how I should do it!  Have you noticed that? While I’m sure it is well-meaning, it can also be horribly confusing.

My favorite was a family member who never gets off the couch advising me on how to run a marathon.  Everyone’s got an opinion!

That said, I take tremendous advice from people I admire who have been there and done it.  I am indebted to many of these people, and will always be super-grateful.

You know when you are onto something when people tryn’ copy you!   Flow is very important to feng shui’d philosophy. Fear is emotional heaviness that stops the flow of good things.

Fear of having ideas stolen keeps ideas from ever seeing the light of day.  I’m pretty sure that no one can be you better than you, so don’t be too precious with your ideas. Let it be someone elses karma to create lies.   There are always new ideas… and much cooler ways to bring them to life!

This brings me to my last thought, as the idea of feng shui has always been very “traditional” and I am not into tradition staying fixed and immutable as we as a species evolve like lightning:

Evolution is an awesome thing!  We can all get trapped by our habits; I know I can get stuck in my own ways. Allowing yourself to evolve is awesome.

There’s this saying that we are all either growing or dying… and in essence its true if you think about it because nothing stays 100% the same.

Dump what isn’t working for you.

Invest your heart in upgrading what does work for you.

Try things you dream about doing for the sake of doing them.

On that note, this whole blog is also evolving.  Its definitely time for it to serve you in bigger and better ways. It would mean a whole lot to me if you could to drop a note below or shoot me an email at to tell me what you want more of… and what you can’t stand (!) … and what kind of support and sharing and science and inspiration would bring you the juju you need to get super-excited for every day.

You are all so amazing, and I’m so excited for the seasons ahead!!!! xoxo Dana



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  1. Jeanne

    Your post is so spot on! I think I’ve always known what I really want to do creatively. Then, I had some life changing experiences (for the better most definitely) that opened my eyes and gave me a strong push to get started. My dreams now had the chance to be my reality. It was if the universe said, “So, what are you going to do? Keep dreaming or start doing?”

    Fortunately, my bravery drew encouragement from friends that confirmed what I was “thinking/feeling/knowing” all along…I need to stop being afraid follow my dreams because they are supposed to come true. This is part of having and creating happier life! :-).

  2. Isabel

    I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, but I still need to learn so much of what you have already shared here! At the moment my thing is how to organize my house, and that also includes creativity of course. Also the fear of something has been something that has been holding me back for many years, but now I found myself sometimes excited for what is going to happen next. Insted of dreading it (which was my usual modus operandi on everything, mostly due to past experiences) and expecting the worse, I am starting to view things on a more positive light and starting to view life as an experience. I am beginning to see the full perspective, but not fully yet. You are helping me with that too!

    • danaclaudat

      omg that is a really beautiful isabel and i am honored that i could help in any way whatsoever to give you new ideas to think about things in light. we are all always evolving and i am thrilled to have you here!!! xoxo


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