If You Want To Compete, Only Compete Against Yourself!

Aug 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

comparing yourself

The reason I see so many people utterly give up on things thay enjoy— too many people are “ahead” of them.

Unless you find a way to shape-shift into an alien with supernatural powers, chances are you are doing a version of what someone else has done. At the very least, within a field of interest, there are others that have likely started before you.

In 2007 and 2008 I used to love comparing myself to bloggers that have been around since 2006 or even 2004— back when blogging was really not even a thing like it is now— and would wonder how so many people were so far ahead.  Perhaps it was because I didn’t even start (!) and it took me even longer to actually start!

And I put off the starting of this actual blog for years, in this space of wonder and feeling like so many people were so far ahead of me and the ground to make up was so vast it seemed insurrmountable to be relevant.

I am now friends with a lot of the people “ahead” of me, because I don’t see anyone as being ahead of anyone else, because no one is ever really ahead.

We all have our own timeline for creative dream-birthing. Live yours. Pay attention to your own thoughts, words and actions, not those of other people.  Use the success stories to inspire rather than to intimidate you.  And… get started…now!  xoxo Dana


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