Why Everyone Should Immerse Themselves In Their Passions!

Aug 25, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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I love a good rainbow.

While rainbows in the sky are fleeting, they are a brilliant representation of all of the color that everyday white light has stored within it, just waiting to explode out into the world.  We live in a world filled with light and yet we miss so much of the explosive colorsprays that happen when that light is captured and whirled-up by a crystal or even drops of water in a puddle to reveal all of its hidden colors.

Talent works in a similar way.  We all have this immense white light of potential. Talent has to be harnessed and unleashed to see the massive layers of color and genius manifested in our lives.

Everyone has talent, genius and a big purpose on the planet— yet only some people bring it all to light.  They saturate their lives in their purpose, they devote themselves to their mission and they immerse themselves in their passions to the point where the work of life ceases to be work and becomes something integral to wellbeing.

Today’s feng shui is all about that saturation in your own spectrums of awesomeness- your skills, your special gifts, your deepest desires- and creating the space for them to fan out like a giant colorwheel in your own life!

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Commitment is greatness. Think about it— would you give your life savings over to someone who does investments as a part-time gig or hobby in order to secure your future wealth? Would you go to a doctor who spends most of his time talking about retirement or would you feel safer with a doctor who spends tons of free time researching newer and better ways to actually heal people?

I bet you wouldn’t give the hobby-investor person your money, and you wouldn’t trust the dispassionate doctor with your healthcare.

So, why do we treat our own talents sometimes as though they are not valuable enough to warrant a significant commitment?

There are endless reasons why people stuff their dreams and live lives that feel dull, depressing and confining. The biggest reasons I have seen that people can’t commit to their own dreams and life purpose—


The good news is that time is an illusion. We can make more of it if we need more of it.  This is very cool theory and real science. HERE you can read much more on the illusion of time.  If you want to put that theory into action, look at what you are capable of accomplishing when you have an exciting trip or a great event happening— suddenly, you have made the time when before you had no time at all!

In a feng shui sense, people with “no time” tend to have a ton of clutter in their lives.  Are you due to purge some clutter from your home and office?


Fear…particularly fear of losing people.

Fear is a bear of a problem, but in itself it is also a solution. If you fear that your friends will abandon you if you succeed, or if they indicate that in their behavior toward you, you know now that these are not your close friends.  We collect people when we are stifled that help us to stay in that fear space.

THIS video is a fear-detox you may need if you feel you are overly afraid of making moves for the sake of your own wellbeing.

Fear of success and failure are also both real… and the only way to truly circumvent them that I have seen work again and again is greater commitment and crazy-amazing production and creativity. If you are really busy, you have way less time to be afraid!


You will never have enough money to feel 100% secure in pursuing your passions. I used to wobble around feeling that once I had enough money, I would commit to my full-time passions. The interesting thing was, as I got all the money I could possibly need, I became more obsessed with keeping that money than with my own life’s work.

Are you there right now?

The fault in the equation is thinking that a bunch of money will equate to some semblance of sure-fire success.  Its also a real scarcity equation.  It’s like saying, ” I am going to be poor if I invest in my dreams so I better have enough money to live on for three, five, ten+  years or more before I completely fail.”

Your bank account isn’t stopping you from starting right now to take actions to build your future. With the Internet, starting a business can be nearly free.  Learning is available everywhere, and it isn’t too major of a financial stretch to find the tools in books, at libraries, by writing letters and emailing people you admire to get started.

The feng shui of scarcity is often mirrored by a closet filled with worn-out clothes and shoes even though your can afford to repair or replace them, a home in disrepair… and a generally super-messy space! These things you can fix as you embark on a path toward your own manifest destiny!

Even if you are writing your first book or screenplay in the early morning before work, or training for your first triathalon between two jobs, or raising a family and can only squeeze a few hours a week out for yourself, you can still make it happen! Once you start, the kind of momentum that builds is absolutely mesmirizing.  Your life starts to become that rainbow of wishes that are brought to life, and chances are you won’t turn back.

xoxo Dana



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  1. Charin Adams

    As always, LOVE this post!! I’m kind of there right now. I need to start applying it. 🙂


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