Clever Ways To Bring Statement Color & Its Feng Shui Power To Space!

Aug 26, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

yellow splash bedroom


Color brings lots of feng shui fortune to space, but if you are either color shy or color apprehensive in your space, a statement color can bring you the energy you want without painting all your walls and completely redecorating!

Above, the splash of yellow brings sunshine and warmth to a dark attic. Yellow is a great color to create a feeling of significant uplift, though in too powerful a dose it can produce anxiety for some. I like yellow in darker rooms or rooms that need to feel intuitively intimate, but always, with all colors, choose with your heart as well as your sensibility!

blue sofa


Bold blues are confident, introspective and very noble.



This aqua provides the cool feeling of water and the creative enticement of wood element in its mix.  It is really smart to paint the insides of cabinets- and a way easier fix when you rent and plan to move out one day!

magenta rug


Magenta rugs are my all-time-favorite.  This overdyed rug has rich color but also the wisdom of age within its pigment.  I use magenta to create a magical kind of light and fire!

orange fan

(sf girl by bay) 

Orange brings cheer, healthy attachment to life and the brighness of creativity to a space.  I like bits of orange- this fan being a perfectly poppy example- to inspire a room!

Use color even in singular bold swatches with deliberate care and you will be able to experience more high-vibration energy and bring your dreams to life in even more specific and poignant and incredible ways!  xoxo Dana



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