The Hustle & Flow Art Of Lester Monzon!

Aug 26, 2014 | Life With Art

lester monzon

Hustle And Flow. That’s what Lester Monzon creates in my eyes.

Ariana Huffington’s quote about hustle and flow says it all to me:

“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”

Lester Monzon’s art is to me what all of life is- a structured grid of rules and rhythms that requires improvization and faith in the seemingly unstructured web of color, light, ideas and energy to bring it to life.

And this art… and its ideas of hustle & flows superimposed by me… are the visual inspiration of the day to make all of the dance of life really come to life!

lester monzon

Structure is bound by energy.  Here the flow consumes the grid, but we are reminded that there is structure behind wild beauty.

Have you ever thought about throwing a bunch of ideas out and seeing what sticks? If there is a bit of method behind your madness your hustle will be a bit more successful. Rather than being totally random (art, by the way, opposed to romanticized notions, is anything but random), what would happen if there were thought and purpose underpinning your experiments?

lester monzon

So much fire!  These triangle compositions are music in their color play.  When your eye has to jump around to colors, there is a dynamic created that you can feel, physically.  When you create this with triangles, you create a score that is riveting, because triangles are like feng shui fire element- they are transfixing and they make you pay attention!

lester monzon

Can you feel how organization actual is the underpinning of creation?

lester monzon

So interesting that its dark and fuzzy yet clear and deliberate! Here the void of dark replaces the grid, like peering into someone’s brain…!

lester monzon

The pinwheel idea, expanded here, becomes a different way to think about focus.  There’s a main focus at the center of the wheel.  Drips, splatters and streaks create the flavors that add to focus and make it more delicious. Not every distraction is a distraction.  Sometimes you have to add extra juju to create something lovely!

lester monzon

Because perfect sucks, this is one of my favorites and one I would hang in my office for sure.  Striking crispness is such a stark contrast to the fog of orange that is life-giving.  Being too serious won’t win anyone any prizes.

You can explore more of his art and learn more about Lester Monzon HERE. 

Fun how there is so much metaphor and emotion and understanding echoes in great art, isn’t it?  This is the reason I hope you sink deeper into the visual and the high vibes of the aesthetic— it will pull you out of your head and into the matrix of life in ways you never expected!  xoxo Dana



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