The Powerful Habit Of Surrendering To Life!

Aug 26, 2014 | Prosperity

grounded trees

There’s a force of Nature that consumes me when I get deep into the forest.  Or, in this case, lounge under a momumentally-rooted, immense tree on the side of the road in Beverly Hills…

The fast feng shui of the day is all about creating new habits that move your life forward by getting close to this force of life that is inherent in all of us, and fuzzed-over by techology, worry and too many distrations!

giant tree

When I sit under big trees, two things happen:

1. I feel extremely serene as the life force of the tree literally rushes through me in an energy-clearing way.

2. As I look up, I am humbled and in awe of life and the awesome intellegence of how it grows.

We talk alot about getting grounded and feeling rooted to the ground.  THIS is a great idea-guide for getting grounded if you feel yourself getting a bit wobbly and spaced out.  When you are grounded, everything is far more present and powerful.

Today, the idea is much bigger and much more complex in its simplicity:


When do you surrender to life?

We think of humility as being: weak, a push-over, lacking confidence, too soft or even as a victim-y situation where we step aside and let others be in the spotlight.

That’s not what humility is!

Straight from


Humility is a vital leadership trait.  If you are running on arrogance, it means you have determined that you know everything already.  But: When you think you already know everything, no change is possible.

Humility brings amazing ideas to light.

Every single job I have had where the person in charge knows everything already has been a disaster.

Why hire people if they can’t also contribute?  Why ask for help if you won’t take the help into consideration?

Humility allows you to stay receptive.

In the service of creating new habits, it is vital to remind yourself over and again that you are a student of life. Its the only way that I can function and innovate in my own work— every day I start with the premise that I know, essentially, every little in the grand scheme of things. In humility, with an open mind ready for ideas.

So many cool synergistic things happen when I remind myself of everything I don’t know.

Its scary if you are a control freak to dive into this “I don’t know anything” territory.  But this is where the most exciting ideas are born!

Humility lets you transcend where you are right now and head someplace higher.

The three poisons in Buddhism that prevent mortals from attaining enlightement are: greed, anger and stupidity. A lack of humility is all three in one!

Someone told me that a practice of meditation wasn’t working for a very powerful and highly-driven man. All I could think (to myself, not out loud) was that he probably couldn’t surrender to the process and actually meditate.

I’ve similarly had clients who already think they know everything about their space and want me there to just say yes to their desires. That’s not useful.

It’s funny though, that’s why so many people hire therapists, seek coaches and even get into various New Age philosophies— they want some sort of “Yes” to their desires and a confirmation of certainty that they are right, rather than swim in the mystery of life and understand that there are some things you just can’t “know” until you live them.

These people are always complaining that ” x, y and z”  thing failed to deliver for them.

Humility would transform their lives, if only they could find one thing that resonated that they could surrender to with humility.

You don’t need to surrender to everything… nor do I suggest that for anyone!  But where you are really looking to make change, starting with an open mind and becoming a student of life will make space for magic to happen.  In the process, you will also become more confident, more powerful and more present.   Quite the opposite of victimhood or weakness!  xoxo Dana


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