Cashew Butter Banana Paleo Pancakes!

Aug 27, 2014 | Food-Shui

banana cashew pancakes

What do you do with your browning bananas?

Typically I freeze mine, but in a spree of inspiration, and a desire to have breakfast for dinner, I decided to whip up these 4-ingredient  banana pancakes that are truly stunning! You will not believe that they have no grain, and not even nut flour or coconut flour in them!  

4-Ingredient Cashew Butter Pancakes

In a big bowl mix up:

1 egg

1/4 cup pure cashew butter  (mine is salted cashew butter from Trader Joe’s today, but you can use a natural nut butter of your choice)

1 mashed, very ripe banana

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Mix it all up until it is almost smooth. Or completely smooth. I like a bit of banana to stay intact!

To cook:

I make these one by one so that there are no issues.  In a small skillet I heat a touch of coconut oil to quite hot, then lower the flame.

Using a teaspoon, layer the batter so that the first teaspoon in the pan forms the pancake and the next two teaspoons full of batter are added to the center of that pancake. This is the only method that I have found to work!

Now, let it cook until it passes the nudge test, meaning: cook it on low util your spatula doesn’t stick to batter in the pancake when you nudge it a bit.

Flip and cook, staying close by the stove. Nut butter can go from uncooked to burned way too fast for my liking!

Before each new pancake is added, I pour a bit more coconut oil in the skillet to keep things from sticking. In my mind, it also makes the pancakes somewhat sweeter.

Layer on berries, some honey if you wish, and you have total perfection for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Enjoy!!!  xoxo Dana




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  1. Joanna

    OMG….these are hands down the best pancakes I’ve EVER tried! I’m soooo going to try and bake cupcakes using this recipe. Thanks for sharing

    • danaclaudat

      yay! they are a big favorite of mine, too! peanut butter works if you are in pinch…:) And plese let me know if the cupcakes work.. i feel like they’d need more baking soda and maybe another egg???


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