Four Fabulous Fabric Home Transformations!

Aug 27, 2014 | Home Style

fabric bolt


I’m sitting with a stack of big cut swatches of silk on a chair beside me, waiting to be stretched and stapled onto my very outdated Ikat dining room chairs.  This is a big day for my home decor!

It takes very little to transform a space with fabric- and the result is usually a giant transformation.

I used to fear fabric. I had no idea how, what or where to do with it… but one day, that changed.  Framing a piece of fabric renovated an entire room in my house and created what was a whole new feng shui’d powerful surge of energy.  I couldn’t fathom why I had waited so long to do something so easy and inexpensive!!!

Here are four ways to change space with new textiles.  The best part: None of these ideas require any skill at all…!

 Fabric Space Shifting!

1. Hang a full roll of fabric down a wall, as a giant tapestry. (*pictured beautifuly above)The best part of tacking up fabric with a few small nails is that when you want to use the fabric elsewhere, you can just pull it down and replace it with a new roll.

2. Staple fabric onto chairs…!

fabric chairs

My poor ugly old dining room chairs  (pictured above) have been a part of my life for enough years to feel like anchors on my energy, and they simply have to go!

To change upholstery on sinple chairs, get yourself an industrial staple gun at the hardware store (they are marked as good for upholstery), some staples for the gun and protective eye gear (I wear my big glasses).   Cut a piece of fabric bigger than you need (you can trim later) and simply stretch and staple on new fabric.  If you staple wrong, you can either pluck out the staple or just compensate by stretching and stapling in new ways.  It is really so easy you will wonder why you waited!

pin board


3. Make a fabric collage.  A simple cork board and clippings of fabric that inspire you = an art object.  And the best part is, you can change it daily if you want to change it up!

framed fabric

4. And, a favorite: Framed fabric as wall art!

Again, this is easy-breezy.  Just stretch some fabric around the cardboard that comes with a poster frame or a small picture frame.

You can even take a big piece of fabric to a frame shop and ask them if you can pay for them to put it into a cheap poster frame for you.

Or… easiest and breeziest way: you can get some stretched inexpensive canvas and stretch and staple fabric over that, fastening it to the wood framing behind it.

Needless to say, great fabric is major space-shifting. Vintage dresses can be deconstructed into curtains.  Your old bedspread can become your new sofa cover.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Fabric is totally amazing!!!  xoxo Dana



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