Three Questions To Help You Break Free Of Self-Defeating Habits & Create A Life You Love!

Aug 27, 2014 | Prosperity

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Waking up every day and creating a new reality is not something I invented, it is how the mechanics of life work in a very pragmatic way.

From the minute we are consciously awake, we experience the day through all of our senses: what we see, feel, hear, taste and touch.

My little fur guys have habits just like we have habits.  They know what they like to see, feel, taste and touch and that’s what they move toward with joy and without hesitation.  They are, in a sense, lifestyle geniuses!

Do you like what you see, feel, hear, taste and touch every day?

What about right now?

We also create the day in thoughts that inform the brain as to how to behave and how to feel, in words that carry with them intention that helps to organize the world around us and in actions that physically move things around.

If you aren’t psyched about the way your life looks, the answer isn’t to blame other people or curse your fate.  The answer also isn’t to sit stagnant and feel the stress of things not looking exactly the way they “should” look.

To create a new reality, you literally need to create it!

Are you ready to create more days that look, taste, sound and feel more like you at your best?

Here are three questions and some feng shui for your home to help you start to shake free of the energy patterns that are no longer serving you!  

do something that scares you


Every single day you are fortunate to wake up, wherever you are. I don’t know about you, but I have spend my fair share of life not feeling blessed for every single day.   I was a victim.

I used to believe that I failed to help two very important people in my life, both no longer alive: my mother and my father.  I wanted to inspire them to change, provide resources for them to see the world through fresh eyes and help them to see the value in the fact that being alive was a gift and an opportunity, not a curse that was unbreakable.  It wasn’t a small mission, it was a lifetime of immersion in every healing art, philosophy, meditation and spiritual practice I could get my hands on, very long before any of this was popular.

Neither of them- for all my energy spent- could move out of their energy patterns.  They were both stuck, and my percieved failure was something that haunted me.  When my father died, I took on his horrible behavior and tried to make sense of it.  When my mother died, I also took on her unfinished business of being the powerless effect of every part of life.

It was all a big mess.

As an after-effect of all of this trying to help and failing to help, I became stuck in my own energy patterns.  After all, failure to help people is a great big weight on your soul, you know? The world didn’t match up to the idylic vision I has, and soon, much like them, I had become a victim in my thoughts, then my words… and then my actions followed along, too.

I found jobs working for unhappy, stuck and even wildly imbalanced people that helped me to feel a similar oppression to the feeling I felt for most of my life, and made it my mission to fix these people and make things better.

I found relationships where people needed me to fix them.

I found homes to live in that needed abundant vigilance to maintain them, since I was, after all, a master at fixing things.

My habits as a victim were astonishing.

Have you been there?  Have you had experiences that have shifted you into a frame of mind that has made you into a sort of victim of life? Has your own form of suffering become familiar…even comforting?

What I was blessed to realize is that what is familiar is not always what is good.

If you want to create a world that looks and feels and tastes and sounds like you at your best, you may also have long-standing energy patterns to dismantle.

You may want to ask yourself:

Where in my life am I repeating the same things over and over again that make me miserable?


Where did I pick up the idea that this kind of self-suffering was something that I deserved?

And, finally :

What kind of risks can I take to take apart this habit and make a new one that is a million times better?!

Each and every risk you take striding out of your comfort zone (which is often another word for “victim space” ) to move toward what you need and want is huge.  Ask for help. Actively connect to people. Make new choices. Advocate for yourself. Practice that stretching daily.  Each step will become bigger and bigger as you go.

In your home, get rid of things that create confined spaces.  You may have too much furniture, too much clutter or too much bad-memory stuff all over your house.  Dare to make space for new things.

Try a new energy routine to start to dislodge the stagnant energy that is your habit field of energy.  Exercise outdoors is a great one to move energy on a physical level.  Simple, self-administered energy work like EFT (*AKA: tapping.  Here’s much more on that and how to get started in minutes ) can help you move energy out of your body that is familiar and unproductive.   And something as uproriously basic as writing in a journal in the morning can help keep your mind open and more flexible.

Now… make new days happen!

Wherever you have been a victim, you have a huge opportunity to become a hero.  Write that story now, and share that power with the world in gratitude.  xoxo Dana



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  1. Ken

    What a GREAT post Dana! Sounds like these ways will not only increase energy levels, but self loves as well. We need to nature our relationship with ourselves in orde to develop healthy realtionships with our worlds!
    Sending you hugs and great chi,
    I love you Dana!

    • danaclaudat

      thank you so much & always Ken! xoxoxo

  2. Laurie

    I LOVE this post!!! THANK YOU!!! It is exactly what I needed today!!! XOXO


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