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Aug 28, 2014 | Uncategorized

share your story

Stories are what we have left behind of life we’ve already lived.  Stories make us unique. They also bring us together, as it is collected myth, legend and history that we are united in part in consciousness.

I happen to be obsessed with stories.  Great storytellers are the people who change the planet.

To be a storyteller, you don’t have to actually write anything, by the way.

The way you stand and the expression on your face when you think no one is looking tells a story.  Your home is a narrative in itself. Your new purse, your worn wallet and your lucky charms are all filled with memory and communicate volumes to a careful observer.

Of course, if you do not like the story of your life and where it is pointing you toward next, you can rewrite that story any time you want moving forward. you can even change the perspectve of your history that has already been written.

The important thing about any story is not that it has structure- sometimes the most rambling stories are the most amazing.  Soul is what counts.  When you immerse yourself in everything you love, the story of your life becomes one that is indelible, impossible to ignore and completely empowering.

Now, have I convinced you yet to start keeping a journal?!  xoxo Dana



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