Use The Energy Of Triangles To Lift Your Space!

Aug 28, 2014 | Home Style

triangles at home


Where you want to generate energy, use a triangle.  It is the feng shui geometry of the fire element, and as it adds a great dynamic rush to a room it also adds fixed points of attention.  We can’t help but be attracted to triangles for the power that they display.

Here’s a bit on my new favorite motif- layered triangles in gorgeous spaces- and how to use it to energize your own home! 

Triangle shapes have three sides, and by the nature of the odd number three, they are thought to promote change.

crystal pyramid

Some people charge their gemstones and crystals in a pyramid shaped container as it is believed to summon more life force into the stones. Some people even  place food and images of people they love in a pyramid to channel positive energy toward them!  Does it woprk? I have no idea…!  But, I have had my crystals charged in a pyramid (you can get them HERE) and the effects have been stunning.

All this triangle philosophy and mystic Pyramid connotation – think Egyptian pyramids, the pyramid symbol on US Currency, and many other places that the triangle is a life-giving shape- make the triangle even more alluring and somewhat primitive to our nature.

While I love triangles in gathering spaces and in very metered doses in offices, keep them out of the bedroom is my best recommendation, since they are associated with power and even with “love triangles” that nobody needs lurking in their life!

happy days

(get this here)

When you print on a motif of trangles, you add a transfixing rhythm unlike most any other shape you can find!

triangle shelf


More simple triangles like this wooden shelf create a strong point of focus and lift this office energetically without adding distracting colors and too much noise.

triangle art


A wall with a triangle motif is a celebratory event in my mind!!!

triangle art


While you may have to follow the images for instruction since it is not in English,  THIS is a mighty fine DIY that I am loving for its sweet sunshining confetti effects.

triangle art


This merchandise shelf as a giant triangle  serves the twofold purpose of also being an organizing principle for this area of this open space.  Similarly, you can use a triangle to build a bookcase in a loft to organize the space.

I am not sue why the triangle is still so rare… but it is definitively one of my favorite shapes in home design, textiles and art. Try a bit of a triange (I have 3 diffeent triangle motifs in my place!) and see how you feel.  Its space-lifting in seconds…!  xoxo Dana


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    Loving this! Great inspiration, thank you, Dana! You always come through. 🙂


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