Do You Really Know How To Relax?!

Aug 31, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

bob relaxing

What I learn from Bob as I spend more time with him every day: relaxation is something to revel in!

In my downtime, I am never “down”… I am reading, writing, cooking, making art, cleaning, researching… and I say it is downtime because I’ve cleared space in my calendar where I don’t take clients.  But it’s not really downtime.

Bob does downtime. He actually does it so artfully and with such aplomb that I am not amazed he is my fur baby!

So today’s question, prompted from the edge of my bed:

Do you really know how to relax?

Here are a handful of great ways to create more relaxing space in an energetic sense, so that even if you are not sprawled out on a beach with nothing but sand around you for miles you can still truly relax right where you are right now. 

bob socks

7 Ways To Make Your Space More Energetically Relaxing 

1. Add more negative ions to the air.

Negative ions clear the air of negative static.  Burning sage is a big negative ion air cleanse.

If you are not up for burning things, open your windows and use a hand towel as a fan… imagine yourself fanning the negative energy out of your house as you wave the towel toward your open windows.

2. Cut down on electronic noise.

TV- off.  Beeping phone on silent.  Video games- shut down.  Electronic chatter is mind pollutiona and also fills the air with static waves that you just don’t need.

3. Keep the lights off.

Try to run for a day or two on the sun’s cycles.  What would your life be like if you used no lights for a day?

4. Put the newspaper in the recycling bin along with any “bad news” items.

Don’t store “bad news” in your space.  Pay those parking tickets and toss them out of your space.  Carry out the newspapers to be recycled.  One of the best days ever was the day I threw away my paren’t divorce papers.  Incidentally, I met my boyfriend a few days later, and I dare say it wasn’t a coincidence.

5. Listen to some watery music.

Watery music without apparent structure helps your mind to expand.  This is a studied fact.  Jazz, New Agey water music, sounds of nature… Let that sound open up your mind while it relaxes your body and promotes healthy flow.

6. Get your feel-good clothes on!

Bob knows the best places to lay in the house depending on the texture he is attracted to at the moment.  We all have our favorite sweat pants, t-shirts, dresses… When you are looking to really relax, surround yourself with relaxing textures. They soften your spirit.

7. Fill your house with comfort food.

Notice I didn’t say “junk food”?

Comforting foods are the foods that make you feel at home but don’t make you feel disgusting.  There is nothing relaxing about eating a bag full of sugar. You can google  your  favorite foods from childhood and find  ways to make them healthier.  My favorite jello and whip cream from my grandma, for example, got upleveled when I learned to make jello with pure fruit juice and top it with whipped coconut cream instead of Cool Whip!

When you revel in relaxing, your periods of productivity are actually productive.  Robots don’t produce masterpieces.  Deeply connected, aesthetically enlightened, totally engaged people create masterpieces.  That is a function of real relaxation.

Dare to prove to yourself and to your life that by resting more your life actually becomes more productive, more tangible, more powerful and more filled with real things like love and health that you can’t earn or buy… you need to be open to and accept them as you relax!!!

xoxo Dana




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