Feng Shui To Transition Into A Fabulous Fall!

Sep 3, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

When Summer turns to Fall, there is a Back-To-School energy in the air that gets me excited. I literally sharpen pencils, buy new journals and re-do my files (even electronic ones) because I feel that somehow that a new year is beginning where learning, taking action and creating things are concerned, somewhat impressed into our collective consciousness from our childhoods.

If you have had a lazy Summer, or a wildly dynamic Summer filled with travel and adventure like I did this year, you may mourn its passing in a way… but you shouldn’t! The great thing about Fall is that color crackles in amber rainbows, the intense fire of the sun cools off and you can take all the Summer lessons and turn them to gold to finish a year on the biggest high.

On that note, here are some amazing feng shui tips to transition into a fabulous Fall!

fall trees


The Feng Shui Way to Transition Into Fall by Carol M Olmstead.

It’s still hot in most of the US, but there’s no doubt that fall is on the way. I have timers on lamps all over the house and they’re starting to come on a bit too late because the days are getting shorter. As you start spending more time inside your home, you can make a few Feng Shui adjustments to transition into the cooler season. Fall is also a good time to check out your existing Feng Shui cures to see if they need to be adjusted, because they can wear out over time – colors fade, furniture wears out or goes out of style, or your preferences in art change.

Here are 10 simple Feng Shui tips ways to help you welcome the approaching season:

  • Replace your doormat this month to help attract fresh new opportunities to your door.
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street so positive chi can always find you, especially with the earlier darkness.
  • Pull up dead flowers in your garden because they represent stale chi, and replace them with colorful mums or hardy pansies that will give you active chi until the first frost.
  • Display a bowl of crisp red apples on your kitchen counter to symbolize that your home will always have food and you can always afford to feed your family.
  • Clear the cobwebs from the outdoor furniture before you cover it for the winter because accumulated cobwebs symbolize being so wrapped up and stuck that you can’t move forward.
  • Even if the weather turns chilly, open your windows daily during the cooler months to let in fresh air and circulate the chi.
  • Frequently remove dead leaves from your roof and gutters and trim back any overgrown limbs that overhang your house because they represent an added weight on your shoulders.
  • Rearrange your furniture, even if you only move the sofa a few inches closer to the window or the lamp to a different side of the table, to bring different energy into your room.
  • Burn scented candles to change your perspective for a new season: vanilla to make a room feel comforting, peppermint to curb your appetite, strawberry to boost energy and make you want to exercise, a floral fragrance to enhance learning, pine to enhance well-being.
  • Remove any vines that are growing on your house. The image of an ivy-covered cottage may be romantic, but vines growing on your home symbolize something eating away at your life.

 Brilliant stuff Carol, as always! xoxo Dana 

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    Would like permission to use the picture of the Fall tree in a private family book I am ublishing.
    Thank you.
    Bth Baylor

    • danaclaudat

      I didnt take the photo so that one I can’t help you with 🙁 But if its a family book, I’m sure whoever did will let you!!!



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