How To Revive Yourself After A Draining Experience!

Sep 6, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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Bright, grounded, light, easy, free: these are all words that I think everyone should feel most of the time. They shouldn’t be so rare.

A man once told me that it was exceptional and rare that I smile most of the time. Since I was a kid wandering the streets of New York between museums I found myself smiling as people yelled at me, ” What the hell are you so happy about?”

Why do you need a reason to be happy?!

And why does it make people so angry?

I have found that there is only one drawback to happiness as a state of mind: other people who are unhappy want to sometimes feast on this happiness and give you nothing back in return. don’t think it’s always a conscious act, but it happens. It doesn’t mean you should be miserable as a result. It means you have been made wiser!

If you have found yourself in a situation where your happiness got hijacked by an unhappy person or a bad situation, here’s a little feng shui to dust yourself off, clear your space and get even brighter.   

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First, forgive yourself. We’ve all had a bad deal: a friend who was backstabbing and caught you totally unaware, a romance with someone who wanted to drain you of your energy to fix their crazy life, a job that sounded like Paradise until it became a prison.

You have to forgive yourself for your part in this toxic dance. This is your habit field. No one person or organization is “duping” you!  You crave this on some level because it is familiar.

See your habit fields for what they are. We all have emotional habit fields- the energy patterns that swirl around us that we are familiar with for a long time. If you have a tendency to bring unhappy people, or, worse, wolves in sheeps clothing that fake happiness until they are close enough to you to drain your spirit, you may have a good idea of this habit pattern in yourself.

I see habit fields in homes. I can see where clutter collects, where the energy free-falls, where the dust settles in… all of it. Moreover, I hear it when they talk to me about their lives and where they are not advancing in life.

A few ideas of thousands to kick your own bad habit energy patterns: EFT (tapping), a great journal practice, extensive traveling, art therapy, energy healing and… yes…feng shui’ing your house so that you will live in a new habit field!!!

Now, add brighter colors.  Simple: color, color and more color. Don’t deluge any single room with a mess of color because it will be overwhelming and draining, but lots of color spread throughout your home brings new habit fields.

Wash off the residue.  Take those baths in Epsom Salt (1 cup) and baking soda (1 cup) every day! Go in the ocean if you can. Visit a spa or hot springs or salt pools. I feel that after being “slimed” by life an uncomfortable energy feels stuck to me like dirt. Wash off this energy again and again and again. Don’t let it dull your life!

Have compassion. Keep in mind that sad or deeply angry people and chaotic situations are a by-product of something to have a lot of compassion toward: fear, pain and delusion. When you can see the life-sucking forces for what they are, you can free yourself from the connections borne of feeling like a victim. You are not a victim!

Create art. Art is the only single way I know to revitalize in a way that is total and profound. Paint more. Write more. Dance more. Take pictures. Art is also a way to live. Embrace that idea. Let yourself become art.

Keep going.  As my dear friend says, “Keep it moving.” You can’t get stagnant, not even when you have a life hangover like this! You have to keep moving. In fact, moving faster at times like these will help you to slough off the yuck and get your circulation of goodness back. Running, saying yes to volunteer work, taking trips, creating opportunities, meeting new people = yes!!! You know what you like to do, so do more of it!

Whatever your life hangover, the cure is never to wallow. Understand it. See it clearly. And keep going. You are on the road to greatness every day and you just got a booster shot of immunity against these draining situations with every one of them that you experience and can overcome with grace!

xoxo Dana

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