How To Break The Spell Of The Same Bad Things Repeating Themselves!

Sep 8, 2014 | Prosperity

ocean water washes away

Nothing repeats on a loop in life on accident.  In some ways, you are programming the experiences you have, and in some ways you are attracting the same things.

Our energy field is full of habits.

You can stick your feet in the ocean no matter the time of year and ask the water to pull away the energy you don’t need— that stuck and poisonous energy, the energy that is used to suffering or being treated badly, the energy that is much more comfortable with fear and hiding than creating and being in a seat of positive power.  Salt baths are also really great for this energetic cleansing.  Some do a cup of sea salt, others Epsom, and I mix them all with baking soda for the most shining results.

But… the ocean can’t change your deeply rooted patterns.

You can heal the present, but to create a bright future, you need to really understand the lesson of that crappy experience you keep repeating.  The same bad job.  The same bad relationship.  The same fights with people.  The same financial crisis.  The same things over and over again are a sign that you have a lesson to learn and you best learn it soon.

Here are the three steps to making a dent in this enless cycle of “repeat” of bad things in your life.  You absolutely can do this.  And it will free up your life to a huge degree!

xoxo Dana


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  1. Thalia

    love your post! how does this help with the fear of change???

  2. Rhonda

    #2 really resonated with me this time. You talk about apologizing to others, forgiving yourself (and these are great suggestions.) Just curious…have you ever apologized to yourself? It’s a concept I never really thought of until just now, but it makes sense doesn’t it?!? 🙂 As always, thank you for giving me things to ponder.



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