Making The Most Of The Massive Full Moon !!!

Sep 8, 2014 | Feng Shui 101


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Supermoons are special moons. Huge moons. Profound.  The effects they have on tides are 20% stronger.

The moon affects the planet.

There is no way to deny it.

Every full moon is crazy-powerful.

We are mainly water in our constitution, and we are affected by the moon as profoundly as the tides.

Since feng shui deals with cycles of life and respecting the changing energy of the seasons, the power of nature and the inherent life force in all things, today we are going to do a little bit of “making the most of the full moon.”

If you do this for every full moon in some way, you are flowing with the cycles of nature and respecing the powerful forces that shape our planet.

Full Moons are known to be the best time to cast out the old and bring in the new.

Get clear, get calm and get ready: today you can do a little full-moon intention-setting that can focus your month (and year, and life!) on greatness! 


Ready to make the most of the full moon?

1. If you have crystals, put them outside now for the full moon night!  Let them get a bath in the very intense moonlight! Woo woo? Just a bit.  Crystals do conduct energy. The full moon does exert extra pressure on the world… so, on these energetic crystal beauties, too!

2. Clean house!  A clean home is a fresh start. Take out the trash, too!  Its a great time to also freshen your plants and do laundry.  Freshness starts now!

3. Create a ritual.  I am not one for following prescribed rituals. I like to make my own.  Take the time to breathe and sit outside if you can before you start.  The energy of nature is the ultimate in Tao, pluging you into the spirit of “going with the flow” in the best way possible.

I like to set the stage.  I typically take a salt bath, wear something fun like a great dress or all-white (that’s me, being hyper-visual and conceptual) and burn incense to fill the air with a feeling of freshness.

Now: come up with your own way of deciding to dispose what you don’t want to continue in your life.  Write it out on paper. Dance it out. Yell it out. Paint or draw it out.

Whatever you decide, just get clear and decide you are ready to be done with it to make space for the new.

Next: really set an intention for the new.  Big, small, easy things, huge things… write, paint, sculpt, sing out all your intentions for the new cycle ahead. I like to write a big list so I can check it off, but that’s the persistent achiever habit in me 🙂 You can do whatever is comfortable!

4. Fluff up your bed to rest better.  Clean sheets, fluffed pillows, open windows in your bedroom: let the freshness in. And really rest.  The full moon is a great time to sleep and restore yourself.

5. Envision what you are creating before you sleep.  Keep that vision really clear.  Keep up this “daydreaming” before bed, adding layers of color and detail as you go through the month.

6. Next full moon, realize what you have created, all you are grateful to have and where you can unload more stuff to move on with greater clarity and peace.

Enjoy!  The moon is so gorgeous!!! xoxo Dana


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