Whipped Chocolate Rose Silky Body Butter!!!

Sep 8, 2014 | The Beautiful

chocolate whipped body butter

This is a delightful cocoction borne of years of wondering how to use the very solid and deliciously chocolatey cold-pressed cocoa butter I bought at the health food store. It actually started when I ordered raw shea butter thinking I was being very avante garde a few years back.  The raw shea similarly arrived in a great big hunk that nothing could break.

Could I whip it?

I was busy and it sat, languishing, until I finally gave it away.

I was about to do the same with my cocoa butter until I remembered that in my days of curly hair natural recipie fascination I watched a few different YouTubers melt their hunks of  shea butter in a microwave and then cool and whip it.  Once whipped, it stays airly and light and useable.


body butter

It works!

Here’s how to make the one that I made using the 4 oz jar of cocoa butter I had in my cupboard.

Cocoa butter when pure is filled with antioxidants, it absorbs deep into the skin and helps to heal irritation and scars as well. Coconut oil, one of my all-time favorites, is anti-fungal, super-nourishing and silky skin magic when applied topically.

Rose is a grounding essential oil that is wonderful for skin.  Sandalwood is centering and calming.  Jasmine as well.  If you are looking for inspiration, add neroli for a citrusy chocolate creativity-enhancing butter!

This is both easy and somewhat of a thrill to make!

Chocolate Rose Silky Body Butter

Boil a pot full of water.

Put 4oz of solid cocoa butter and 1/2 cup of melted solid coconut oil (roughly, its warm here so my coconut oil is always liquid) into a metal bowl and place it over the boining water to create a “double-boiler.”

Keep and eye on this as it melts.

Let it sit and cool on another cool burner of your stove.

Once cool, refrigerate it until it starts to firm up and almost seem solid (mine was about 20 minutes, but keep checking it.

With a mixer (a hand mixer or KitchenAide) whip it up on high speed for a good long while.

If it is hot where you are, put it back in the refrigerator, let it firm up, and whip it more.

Keep whipping* until it has about doubled in volume and feels very much like frosting.

*Refrigerate as often as needed during the whipping.

Once you have it set, add 10 drops of rose otto essential oil, or another favorite essential oil if you’d like it to be more than delicious chocolate whipped body bliss!

Whip one last time and store in a well-sealed jar.  You can add a few drops of pure Vitamin E as a preservative, but this doesn’t last more than a week in my lotion-loving life!

Note: it will melt if you leave it out in the heat. It will get super hard in the fridge. So, I recommend making this when the weather isn’t extreme, unless you don’t mind re-whipping!


xoxo Dana


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